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Japanese gave back 700 Taka after the construction of the bridge

After the construction of the bridge, he returned 700 crore rupees: the most surprising incident, the first Bangladesh government has got 700 crore taka. Before the scheduled time the construction of the three bridges of Bangladesh is going to end. As well as refunds. Construction of Kanchpur, Meghna and Gomati II bridges is completed in the year 2015, one month before the scheduled time. It was last seen in 1995. However, no other construction work could be completed in the scheduled time within Bangladesh.

The Japanese gave back 700 Taka after the construction of the bridge

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The Japanese companies that built the construction of three bridges had completed the construction cost at a lower cost than the money that was allocated. The whole work of the project is not finished yet. Kanchpur Bridge 400 meters, with 700 meter long 8-lane approach road. Meghna bridge 930 meters, with 870 meter long 6-lane approach road. Gumti Bridge 1410 meters, with a 1010 meter long 6-lane approach road.

The approval for the three bridges was Tk 8,486 crore. On December 31 this year, construction work was completed on condition of completion of the work, three companies of Japan respectively, Obayashi Corporation, Simizu Corporation and JFE Engineering Corporation respectively.

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