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Italy work permit visa from Bangladesh

Italy Work permit Visa From Bangladesh

Like every year, the Italian government will take 30,650 workers. These workers will be able to enter the country in different categories including agriculture, hotel and tourism.Italy work permit visa from Bangladesh.

After 8 long years, the Italian government removed Bangladesh from the black list. As a result, Bangladeshis are getting the opportunity to enter the country on seasonal visas. A notice to this effect was published on the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs on 12 October.Italy work permit.

Among them, Italy hired workers for 6 months in agriculture and hotel tourism sector. After 6 months, after the work contract, they have to return to their respective countries. The application process is starting from October 13 to December 31 of this month.Italy work permit visa from Bangladesh.

The countries from which workers can come are: Bangladesh, Albania, Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, South Korea, Ivory Coast, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Philippines, Gambia, Ghana, Japan, India, Kosovo, Mali, Morocco, Mauritius, Moldova, Montenegro, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Northern Macedonia, Senegal, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tunisia, Ukraine.Italy work permit visa from Bangladesh

Applicants can apply online from Speed ​​ID and Immigrant Service Cup Office. After applying this year, after a lot of screening, a worker will be able to come to Italy legally.

That is why the government will strictly monitor whether an owner pays the correct tax. So many wise immigrant consultants think that there is a possibility that many applications will be left out in this screening.

It is to be noted that there are allegations that Bangladeshis have been blacklisted for eight long years due to disregard of government regulations. According to the rules, a seasonal worker must return to his home country after six months of work.

Experts say that if the Bangladeshi workers do not follow the rules, then Bangladesh may be blacklisted again.

In this regard, Advocate Anichuzzaman Anich, Central International Secretary of JSD in Italy, said that during the visit of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the invitation of the Italian government this year, she proposed to the Italian government to lift the ban on Bangladeshi workers.

Following this, the workers have been able to come this year as the government has blacklisted Bangladeshi workers.

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