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Is the Diversity Visa Lottery a scam?

Is the Diversity Visa Lottery a scam?

First you need to know that the green card lottery is real. And all these people who were victorious are also true. Anyone can take part in the DV lottery program and anyone can win.

In short, the DV lottery is certainly not a scam, but there are some scammers who are trying to exploit it.

There are no special requirements for participants: such as English language skills, age, relatives or a certain amount of money in the bank. These are just a few of the requirements we have described in detail in previous blog posts.

However, it is no secret that many people want to make money from the popularity of the DV lottery. Here we want to talk about how we can make false claims from the truth.
Rules for participating in the DV lottery program

You should only apply for the Green Card Lottery on the official US State Department website: There is no other way to do it. Some companies provide services to help people in their application and charge for it and there are companies that only exist to snatch their money from innocent people.

It does not cost anything to apply on the official website. There is no fee to download, fill out and submit the electronic form. Also, to give you a confirmation number, you do not need to check your status or other activities.

No one has a magic wand to increase your chances of winning. There are only two official ways to increase your chances: (1) Fill out the form carefully without making a mistake and provide an accurate picture (you can use DV Lottery Photo Checker: -checker).

(2) Your wife can also apply separately and if one of you is selected, the other spouse can enter the country on the winning wife’s visa.

(3) If your spouse is from a country that has a higher chance of winning, you can use that country as a country of qualification. See the list of prospects for each country here:
If someone promises to reward you and increase your chances of winning, don’t believe it.

Pay attention to the website you are applying to. The name looks and sounds like an official website and the website can look and feel like a government site with a complete look and feel. If the domain name does not end in “.gov”, it is not an official website. The original address is

If you are selected, you will not receive any notification from the US State Department, you can only check your location on the official website (address is the same using your confirmation number. You do not have to pay a fee to win. The US State Department never asks you to send money by PayPal, card, check or any other means.
Follow these general rules and try to submit the form yourself. To make this easier, we’ve provided you with some free tools: a full copy of the official lottery form you can train before filling out the lottery is open at ( We have translated it into your language) and Photo Checker:

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