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International overseas Job Work Permit Visa

Do you know the number of people living abroad in Bangladesh now? The number is about one crore. You may be shocked to hear. But think carefully, one of your relatives is abroad. There is no country in the world where there are no Bangladeshis. While few people go to study or build permanent homes, most go for jobs.
Not only is this foreign employment eliminating unemployment, but remittances sent by expatriates are also now keeping the country’s economy afloat. According to government estimates, an average of 10 to 15 lakh people enters the labor market every year. Of these, five to six lakh people are employed abroad every year. According to the Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET), an average of two to two and a half thousand Bangladeshis are migrating abroad with jobs every day.

If you are also thinking of going abroad and turning the wheel of your own destiny, it is not uncommon. But your immigration must be safe. And that is why before going abroad, know some information well. Otherwise, there is a risk of being cheated or endangered. Those who go abroad for work usually leave after a certain period of time. It is safe for a person to go abroad at a low cost, to reach the country safely, to get a decent job, and to return to the country safely.

International overseas  Job Work Permit Visa
International overseas Job Work Permit Visa

Find answers to a few questions if you want to go abroad safely. First, are you going abroad through a legitimate government organization? Are you skilled in the job you are going to do? Which country are you going to, how much is your salary? How many days can you raise that money? Decide to go abroad only if you get satisfactory answers to these questions.

চাকরি নিয়ে বিদেশ যাবেন?

নিজের ভাগ্যের চাকা ঘোরাতে আপনি কি চাকরি নিয়ে বিদেশ যেতে চান? তাহলে জেনে নিন দরকারি যত তথ্য

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Register name
Under the new law, no one can go abroad without being officially registered. So if you decide to go abroad, you have to go to the Manpower, Employment and Training Bureau (BMET) in Dhaka or the manpower office in your district and register at the beginning. Last year, the government registered unions and city information service centers across the country to hire workers in Malaysia and later other countries. Anyone can still register their name. Names can be registered in the BMT database at a cost of Rs 60.

After registering, you can avoid any broker and contact any legitimate recruiting agency. There are about a thousand government-licensed private recruiting agencies, each with a license number. The names of the recruiting agencies can be found by visiting the list at
Abul Basar, president of the Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA), an organization of manpower exporters, said there was no opportunity to send people abroad for jobs other than legitimate recruiting agencies. So no one will be cheated with money anywhere else.

Where to go, how much does it cost?
The question is, how much does it cost to go abroad? There is no definite answer. A lot depends on what country you are going to, what work you are going to do. However, the more brokers you can avoid, the lower the cost. If you can come to Dhaka and contact directly through a recruiting agency or Boycell, then the cost will be less. But more important than the cost is how much money you are going to pay. One thing to keep in mind is that you can make as much money as you spend in three to six months. And money transactions must be done through banks or receipts. If possible, keep a few witnesses. If you can’t keep the receipt, no matter how much money you give, it has no validity.

Now decide which country to go to? A large number of those who go abroad from Bangladesh decide to go abroad in a hurry. They think that all the problems will be solved when they go abroad, the wheel of fortune will turn. But that is not the case. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. So you have to think carefully about the time before going abroad. Never take the help of any broker.
According to the Bureau of Manpower, Employment, and Training (BMET), from 197 to August 2014, 69 lakh 6 thousand 173 workers went abroad. Of these, 2.7 million went to Saudi Arabia and 2.3 million to the United Arab Emirates. However, these two markets are now in recession. Over the years, most workers have gone to Oman, Qatar, and Singapore. Apart from this, some people are going to Malaysia, Bahrain, Mauritius, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, South Korea, Brunei, Italy, and Europe.

Baira’s secretary-general Mansur Ahmed Kalam said most of those who want to go abroad from Bangladesh are unskilled workers. But they can become skilled with a little training. And if their skills increase, their salary will also increase a lot. Therefore, those who want to go abroad should acquire skills in a job.

New destination
Can officially go to Malaysia, South Korea. Educated young people can learn the language and go to South Korea for a higher salary. It will cost 60 thousand rupees. You will get this salary in one month. But to go to South Korea, you have to go through a government process. After being closed for a long time, Malaysia is also taking workers from Bangladesh again. For this, there has been an agreement between the governments of the two countries, which is called G2G (Government to Government). As a result, workers are going to Malaysia for only Tk 32,000. So you can also go to Malaysia. However, Sara went to Malaysia officially in January last year

Names have been registered in the country. The government will have to wait for the opportunity to register again. But do not go to Malaysia by sea or any other illegal means. The result is death or imprisonment.

Opportunity for girls
Girls can go to Jordan and Lebanon. Since 1990, men, as well as girls, have been taking jobs abroad. Most of them are going to Jordan and Lebanon. Recently, Hong Kong is officially taking domestic workers from Bangladesh. Apart from this, Malaysia has expressed interest in hiring domestic workers from Bangladesh.

One thing to keep in mind is that according to government rules, no woman under the age of 18 can go abroad with a job. However, in the case of domestic workers and garment workers, the age should be 25. Boesel, the government’s only manpower exporter, helps send girls abroad at no cost. So avoid any company or broker and go to Boise and only after knowing the correct information from there should the girls decide to go abroad.

You can take a bank loan
Many expatriates have to sell their land to go abroad. Many people have to take loans at high-interest rates. However, to solve this problem, the government has launched Prabasikalyan Bank. Expatriates can take loans from Expatriate Welfare Bank. For this, you have to show him the job appointment letter abroad. Apart from this, Sonali, Agrani, Janata, and many other public and private banks are now giving low-interest loans to go abroad.

More to know
No matter which country you want to go to, you need your passport first. Now it is no longer possible to get a passport through a broker. So go to the passport office yourself and get an MRP passport. You need to check your health before going abroad. Go to the approved medical center of the country you are going to and get a health check.

Find out the terms and conditions of the company you are going to work for abroad. Find out all the benefits of the company including salary-allowance, accommodation, leave, medical conditions under the terms of the contract. Check if the passport of the country you are going to has a visa for that country. To get a job, you need an ’employment visa’. Anyone trying to go abroad without a visa can be detained at the airport.
You have to buy a plane ticket to go abroad. When booking a ticket, be sure to check the departure time and arrival time at the airport. Also, find out if there are stops or transits somewhere along the way.
A few days before the trip abroad, including visa seal, passport, medical certificate, BMET exit clearance, smart card, job contract, the address of the Bangladesh embassy in the country you are going to take care of these. If necessary, send photocopies to the family.

Once all the matters of going abroad are finalized, open two accounts in a convenient bank near home. Open one in your own name and the other in the name of someone in the family. Send money for family or household expenses to an account. And you can save money on your own.
Sending money is a big problem while abroad. Remember, it is legal to send money only through a government-approved bank or money exchange. Never send money by hundi.
While abroad, you must obey the laws of the land. Put the number of the Bangladesh embassy in that country. Contact the embassy if you need any.

Never do that
If you decide to go abroad, you should never go to brokers. Never transact in advance under any circumstances. Don’t give money to anyone without a receipt. Do not give passports to anyone except the recruiting agency. Don’t go for less than your full potential. Do not give a certificate of fake experience. Don’t go abroad under the influence of drugs.

Some required numbers and addresses
Prabasikalan Bhaban, 61-62, Old Elephant Road, Eskaton Garden, Dhaka.
Bureau of Manpower, Employment, and Training (BMET): 69/2, Kakrail Dhaka,
Boesel: 61-62 Elephant Road, Eskaton Guard Dhaka. 9361515,9336551
Baira: Baira Bhaban, 130 New Eskaton Road, Dhaka. Telephone: 8359642, 934558


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