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Insurance sales process

The various stages of further publicity in the life insurance sales process and the age of the insurance workerLet them know that any sales process is at the core. The market is created through this information. The greater the awareness process, the greater the scope of the market. Electronic and print media are currently heavily involved in this process. Electronic media includes domestic and foreign television, Facebook, web site, e-mail, SMS advertisement etc.

Print media news of various dailies, printing of leaflets, bill boards etc. Apart from this there are various awareness meetings, seminars, symposiums etc. Nowadays it is seen that insurance cards are handed over as gifts in social or wedding ceremonies. Although its number is small, its importance in the future is immense.

1. Personal communication
Insurance is one of the driving forces behind the development of personal communication. In order to achieve this, it is necessary for the employee to be honest, use good manners and dedicate love to the organization. It is important to remember that an insurance customer receives a document on paper by relying on the insurance worker to provide a portion of his or her hard-earned income. Again this trust is influenced from one person to another in terms of faith. As a result, its popularity continues to grow as expected. If bricks had not been burned at the brick kiln, no one would have done the work of burning bricks with wood. Similarly, one-to-one interaction extends the benefits of insurance business.

Name of Organization: Shakti Foundation
Job Published Date: 09 August 2020
Post Position: Bellow the circular image
Job Types: NGO Jobs
Age Limit: 37 year(s)

Total Number of Vacancies: See image
Experience Requirements:  4 to 5 year(s)
Salary Range: 30,000 – 38,000 taka
Educational Requirements: Diploma in Computer Science
Application Deadline: 20 August 2020
Job category: Full Time

Application Fee : N/A
Other Benefits:
Jobs Source: Jago Jobs
Job Location: Any where in Bangladesh
Company Information: Shakti Foundation, Address:House 4, Road 1, Block A, Section 11, Mirpur, Pallabi, Dhaka-1216

2. Use of information technology
At present, the use of information technology by business organizations is becoming urgent for business growth. Some organizations use their own websites, modern technology and other popular social media (such as Twitter and Facebook) not only for promotion but also for sales.

Shakti Foundation Job Circular 2020

3. Application / Proposal Letter
Interested insurance customers apply in the prescribed form of the company as a result of various stage ideas or employee level communication. This proposal or application is the main basis of the insurance contract

Age limit of life insurance workers
All types of interested and enthusiastic persons above the age of 18 years irrespective of race, religion and caste can engage in the profession of male and female insurance. The funny thing here is that there is an opportunity to work until death in the state of death. There is no age limit for retiring in the life insurance profession. Those who engage in occupations other than insurance may have their income cut off for any reason. Then the new answer is to pave the way for employment. The opposite is true in the case of life insurance.

The Renewal Commission will continue to provide you with financial support. As a result, you can solve any kind of physical, mental, problem and financial problems. There is no chance to ignore the ridicule of anyone here because of age. You can perform your duties independently. The possibility of receiving money will give you physical and mental strength. As you get older, your work ethic will not stop. You don’t have to depend on others for money.

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