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Indian Visa Online Application Form 2021 –

Indian Visa Online Application Form 2021

For now, the Indian High Commission has announced the issuance of visas for 9 categories of Bangladeshi citizens Indian High Commission in Bangladesh has re-launched the online visa application service for citizens of Bangladesh. A statement from the Indian High Commission in Dhaka on Friday (October 9th) said: At present, visas will be issued for the nine categories of medical, business, employment, entry, journalists, diplomats, government officials, UN officials, and UN diplomats, the statement said.The High Commission also said that other visas would be issued soon. Incidentally, after the spread of coronavirus in India, it stopped issuing visas from March 12 and stopped foreigners from entering the country. This caused serious problems for Bangladeshi nationals seeking medical treatment in India. From January 2018 to March 2019, 28 lakh 7 thousand Bangladeshis visited India and an average of 10% of them went to India for treatment.

Indian envoy: Hopeful of starting tourist visa soon

Doraiswami was addressing the media at the Indian High Commission in Dhaka on Tuesday

Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh Vikram Kumar Doraiswami has said that they want to restart issuing tourist visas as soon as possible.

He said that they are waiting for the Covid-19 situation to normalize with vaccination efforts in Bangladesh and India.

“…hopefully soon. We really want to start it,” he told reporters at the Indian High Commission, adding that the general people will have more confidence with vaccination in Bangladesh and India.

India has completely surrounded Bangladesh from three sides. Many people in our country started their first foreign trip by traveling to India. Besides, you may need to visit India at any time for various reasons including medical, educational tours. Now when applying for a tourist visa, India usually issues a visa for one year. So it is wise to have an Indian visa. Many people think that getting a visa to India is very complicated. This is not the case, but you can easily get a visa if you apply according to the rules. India issues visas to about 15,000 people every day. Last year, 1.5 million people visited India 2.3 million times. Moreover, India is an important destination not only in Bangladesh but all over the world for low-cost travel.

The first step in applying for a visa is to fill out an online visa application form. If you can do this properly, you can get the visa in about a week by submitting the visa application along with the required documents to the nearest Ivac Center. I will try to give a complete idea in this post, how, how much does it cost, you will finish the work of visa application in India.

Step 1: Fill in the Indian Visa Application Form Online:

The first step in an Indian visa is to submit the online visa application form. When doing this, do it carefully with time in hand, so that there are no mistakes in the application form. Most visa applications are rejected because the application form cannot be filled out properly. Many people fill out the form again from the store or with someone else, which increases the chances of mistakes. It is better if you fill in your application form manually.

There are a few things you need to have ready when filling out the application. If these are not at hand, you have to save the application form and then sit down with them again. These are:

1. Passport (must be valid for at least 6 months)

2. Soft copy of the photo (the same photo should be submitted along with 2 by 2-inch size application form)

3. Address and phone number of a hotel in India

It may take you about an hour to complete the application form properly. So prepare in that way. Fill out the application form by going to this link. Fill in the required information correctly. For example, full name, father’s / mother’s name, current-permanent address, office / educational institution information. You can see how to fill the application form from this link.

Choose which port to go to according to your destination in India. But remember not to choose Buy Air / Haridashpur or just Buy Air. Instead, place a ground port on either side. The details of why you do that are in this article.

Indian Visa Online Application Form 2021

People usually come to a place to fill the online application form and after the problem is what the reference will give. The name and phone number of the person who will give the reference of Bangladesh is less likely to go to India with you, so it will be possible to contact you at home if you have any problem in India. And give the name, address and phone number of the hotel you want to stay in as a reference in India.

Besides, what was the citizenship of your parents, grandparents, Bangladesh will write in answer to this question. If you can successfully submit the application form, you will print it. Sign the application in the two designated places (below the picture and on the last page). Your signature must match your signature on the passport. Once the application form is printed, glue a 2 by 2 inch size picture, then submit the visa processing fee.

Step 2: Submit Visa Processing Fee:

Earlier the visa fee had to be submitted to Iva, now it has also been made online. This has the advantage that Ivaka will not waste your time anymore. The Visa processing fee is 600 rupees. With the addition of bKash or bank charges, the cost may be around Rs. You can usually deposit visa processing fees in or around Ivac. However, it is better to go to this site and submit your credit / David card or through bKash. In this video, you can see how to pay your own visa processing fee.

Indian Visa Online Application Form 2021

Step 3: Prepare the required documents:

This part is actually the main problem. There are a number of documents required for an Indian visa, and if they are correct, there is no reason not to get a visa. Let’s see what to give with the application form:

1. Passport. There must be at least 6 months left and at least two pages blank. Give photocopies of the two pages of your passport that contain your information (pages 3 and 4). You must bring all the old passports with you.

2. Newly taken 2×2 color pictures should be given. The whole face should be seen in the picture and the background of the picture should be white. Newly taken means a picture taken in three months. The picture must be lab printed.

3. Must provide a certificate in support of the current address. If there is a photocopy of any utility bill. Such as electricity, landline, water or gas bills. Remember to fill in the visa application form exactly as your address is on the bill.

4. Profession certificate. If you are an employee, give a certificate from the office stating what office you work in and the office has no objection to traveling to India. And if you are a student, give a photocopy of the student ID card. Retirement Letter / Certificate of Completion of the latest job in case of retirement.

5. Proof of financial well-being must be shown. In this case, your passport will have an endorsement of ড 150 from the bank. In addition, a bank statement where the latest balance is Rs 20,000 must be given. And if your credit card is endorsed, then the passport is valid

Indian Visa Online Application Form 2021

5. Proof of financial well-being must be shown. In this case, your passport will have an endorsement of ড 150 from the bank. In addition, a bank statement where the latest balance is Rs 20,000 must be given. And if your credit card is endorsed, you need to provide a photocopy of the page on which the credit card is endorsed and a photocopy of both the back of the credit card. Photocopy of both the backs of the national identity card. If you do not have a national identity card, provide a photocopy of the birth registration. Remember that your passport information must match the national identity card/birth registration information.You can see how to arrange the papers serially from this picture. Arranged in this way, you will go to the nearest Iva.How to sort Indian visa application. Photo by Fahadul Islam

Last step: Submit the application form and collect the passport:

If you can do the previous tasks, the current task is very easy. Go to Ivac scheduled for your area and pick up the cereal. Documents IVAC officials will see and submit you with a token along with the passport submission documents. You will return your passport on the day mentioned in the token. Remember to collect passports from 9am to 12:30 pm (Jamuna Future Park until 1:30). And go to collect the passport between three and five in the afternoon.

There are a total of 14 IVACs in Bangladesh. These are Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Jessore, Rangpur, Comilla, Brahmanbaria, Noakhali, Satkhira, Barisal, Bogra, Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Thakurgaon and Sylhet.

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