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If you want to start a career in Australia- Part-1

If you want to start a career in Australia- Part-1

At one time the citizens of any country in the world had the opportunity to have free access to any state. But over time, that is likely to change. At present, one has to migrate abroad by completing various processes. These processes vary from state to state. Usually people go abroad to get higher education and start a career.

As easy as it is to go abroad for higher education, it is much more difficult to start a career. If you want to start a career outside the country, you need to not only have personal skills, but also know in detail how foreign nationals can get the opportunity to work in the country where you want to build a career and take action accordingly. Only then will you get the opportunity to work in that country, otherwise you will fail to build a career despite your skills and qualifications. There are several countries in the world where people usually want to build a career. One such state is Australia. Australia is considered to be one of the best countries in the world to live in.

start a career in Australia

The standard of living in this country is very high and the country is full of beautiful natural scenery. Australians are also known for being educated, generous and very friendly. If you have a dream to start a career in Australia, you will find in this article everything you need to know about Australia to make your dream come true. So if you want to build a career in Australia, read this article first.

Country introduction
Australia is bordered by Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and East Timor to the north, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu to the northeast, and New Zealand to the southeast. This country is quite large in size. The distance from Perth to Sydney is about 25,000 miles. And it takes more than 40 hours to cross this path. Because this path has to be crossed through different time zones and deserts. The population of this country is very small compared to the size. The population density is only 3.2 people per square kilometer.

Even Victoria, the most densely populated state in the country, has a population of only about 24 people per square kilometer. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide are the five most populous cities in Australia. The rate of young people is higher than the population living in Australia. The rate of residents aged 25 to 54 is about 41 percent. Most people live along the east and south-east coast lines. The British are believed to have first settled in the country in 18 AD. Immigrants began to enter Australia in large numbers after World War II. As a result, demographic change is very rapid. Although Australia was initially oriented towards Europe or the United States in determining its economy and foreign policy, it has also forged close ties with Asia over the past 20 years.

This has created immense possibilities for people from different countries of Asia including Bangladesh to build a career in Australia. Many from Bangladesh have already been able to build successful careers in Australia. If you too dream of building a career in Australia, try according to your skills and qualifications. Hopefully, you will easily be able to build a career in Australia, the green land of aesthetic beauty.

Australia has a wide variety of natural resources. Such as: uranium, natural gas, mineral oil, gold mines etc. Due to its abundance of natural resources, the metal and mining industries have expanded in this country. If you wish, you can easily start a career in various organizations in the metal and mining industry. Fifty billion transportation projects have recently been taken up in New South Wales, creating a lot of jobs in the materials and transportation industry. Australia is also quite rich in the financial industry; Institutions such as the Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, National Bank of Australia and ANZ have further boosted the industry.

In addition to these companies, various global companies such as IBM, Oracle, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, etc. have also created a lot of work environment. Apart from these businesses, there are other job opportunities in Australia. E.g.,
1. Travel sector
2. Chemical industry
3. Steel plant
4. Food Processing Institutions
5. Information technology sector
. Education sector
. Agriculture. Australia is also heavily dependent on agriculture. There are about 36,000 workers in agriculture in this country.

Graduate level jobs
Jobs in which undergraduate, postgraduate or higher degree holders may have the opportunity to start their careers are usually called undergraduate jobs. To be employed in these jobs, you must have a bachelor’s degree. It is also important to have good communication skills, leadership, problem solving skills, creativity etc. Undergraduate jobs in Australia are considered to be the top jobs in the world. Because starting a career in these jobs, it is very easy to lead a better life. Australia has a wide range of undergraduate employment opportunities. One of them is-
1. Accounting
2. Banking and finance
3. Construction industry
4. Regarding government and government services

5. Law
. Mining, oil and gas fields
. Technology sector
. Transport and supply sector
9. Teaching

In the first part of this article, I introduced the country of Australia and discussed various job fields. How can you start a career in these jobs. Read the 2nd and last episode to know different directions and information about this. Click here to read the 2nd episode.

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