hsc english 1st Paper Question sollution 2019-[All Education Board]

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hsc result 2019


 english 1st paper question Sollution  2019

Dhaka Board HSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2019

Dhaka Board HSC English 1st Paper Question Solution
Question 01. 
a. Mobility – iii. Movement
b. exposed to – ii. make public
c. study is – iii. reporting
d. anemia – iii. shortage of blood
e. neonatal- i. a newborn baby


Question 04.

a. toxic
b. odour
e. waterborne
f. microphone
g. fume
h. creature
i. determined
j. avoid


Question 05.

b. horror dream
c. shape
d. untouchable
e. lucid dream
f. say
g. clear
h. searching
i. practical
j. it


Question 06.

Once a gold necklace was lost from a rich man’s house. (ix) Naturally it was suspected that one of the servants had stolen the necklace. I) All the servants were called and interrogated. (vi) But nobody confessed their guilt.


(vii) So the owner of the house lodged a complaint in the court.  (iv)The servants were summoned to the court but they denied having stolen the necklace (ii) In order to find out the thief, the judge chalked out an intelligent plan. (x) He gave each of the suspects a stick of equal length and said that one of the sticks would increase by an inch the next day.


(v) When the servants came to the court the next day, the thief had already cut off an inch of his stick (viii) The judge found one of the sticks shorter than the others and in this way he could easily catch the thief.


hsc english 1st Paper Question sollution 2019
hsc english 1st Paper Question sollution 2019

BM HSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2019

Question 01.

  1. a) The word “unfortunately” means

Ans. ii. Unluckily

  1. b) The word “Stench” means

Ans. ii. Stink

  1. C) —- is often called life.

Ans. iv. Water

  1. D) Drinking water could be a challenge for…

Ans. iii. Present

Question 03.


Bangladesh is our a) country. It fought b) nine months to c) gain freedom. People here speak Bangla. India is our good d) friend/neighbor

Question 05.

  1. When did Kazi Nazrul Islam born?
  2. How was he?
  3. What did we plan?
  4. When will I go to Dhaka?
  5. Who wrote Hamlet?
  6. Who did introduce me to all?
  7. How much this book cost for me?
  8. What is my uncle?


Question 06.

  1. a) Mr. Jamal cannot buy a mobile phone, * let alone computer.
  2. b) His father is sick. He needs to go home * as soon as possible.
  3. C) He behaves * as if he were mad.
  4. D) I *would rather die than beg.
  5. E) * There lived a famous King in Scotland.
  6. F) Taj Uddin Ahmed was a great leader. He * was born in 1925.
  7. G) You *have to work hard to succeed in life.
  8. H) *It is a matter of great joy that we have won the match.

Question 07.


Key a) to success

Prosper b) in life

Life c) by doing hard work.

The rules d) of sincerity

A long way e) in the world

Conscious f) of the importance

Importance g) of sincerity

Benefit h) of success

Question 08.

  1. If I were a child again!
  2. The rich are not always happy.
  3. I went to Dhaka yesterday.
  4. Charity begins at home.
  5. Gulliver’s Travels is a famous book.
  6. The work is going to be done.
  7. Each boy and every girl has a pen.
  8. We like to go there.


Question 10.

  1. Broad
  2. Fine
  3. Dislike
  4. Latest
  5. Light
  6. Liberated
  7. Complete
  8. Astonished


Question 12.

Mary was a little girl who was asked to bring the cattle home. She went out of the house alone calling out to them. Dusk was falling by then and the day was stormy and dark, tides were rising. As soon as she landed on the shores of Dee to reach the land. She couldn’t even see where the land lay and ultimately the sea pulled her in.


এইচএসসি বাংলা ১ম পত্র[সকল বোর্ড] এর এমসিকিউ প্রশ্ন ও সমাধান ২০১৯


hsc english 1st paper question Sollution  2019[All Board]

Rajshahi Board HSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2019

Chittagong Board HSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2019

Jessore Board HSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2019

Barisal Board HSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2019

Mymensingh Board HSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2019

Sylhet Board HSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2019

Comilla Board HSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2019

Technical Board HSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2019

BM HSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2019


Subject: English, Paper One

Reading (Total marks) = 60

MCQ (guessing meaning from context) = 05

Comprehension questions =   1S

Information transfer/Flow chart   = 10

Summarizing =   10

Cloze test with clues = 05

Cloze test without clues= 10

Rearranging = 10

Writing (Total marks) = 40

Writing paragraph answering questions = 10

Completing a story = 07

Writing informal Letters/e-mails = 05

Analyzing maps/graphs/charts = 10

Appreciating short stories/poem = 08

(identifying theme, subject-matter and interpretation)

hsc english 1st paper question Sollution  2018[All Board]


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