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how to get permanent resident in canada-Part1

Canada has passed a bill to change citizenship law, Bill C-6. With the passage of this bill, it has become easier for immigrants to obtain citizenship of the country than ever before. Under the new rules, children under the age of 22 can also stay in Canada with their parents.

It is possible to get Canadian citizenship with your family within a year if you apply properly. According to the last draw held on more people will have the opportunity to go to Canada in different categories, including immigration, than at any other time of the year.

Those who are initially eligible to apply should apply without delay with the help of a skilled lawyer by arranging the necessary documents in a timely and proper manner, said the international immigration lawyer. Sheikh Salahuddin Ahmed Raju. He said it was important to remember that the Canadian government was working on a “first come, first served” policy.

To be eligible to apply for citizenship under Bill C-6, a permanent resident must have lived in Canada for three of the five years, which was previously the rule of four years out of six. In addition, those who have temporary status in Canada, such as work and study permits, will be able to calculate their stay in Canada as part of a three-year period.

The new rules include PNP, Express Entry, FSWP, FSTP, QSWP, AIPN, SIPN, MPNP, NSNP, BCPNP, OINP, Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, PowerGoogle, Business, Framing.

কানাডায় স্থায়ী বসবাসের উপায় জেনে নিন-2(কানাডা নাগরিকত্ব)

how to get permanent resident in canada-Part2

Attractive Self Employed Person Program:

Canada is called a paradise for immigrants. Thousands of different professions and languages ​​from around the world have enriched Canadian society and culture. Residents and players from the cultural world of Bangladesh also have the opportunity to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Professionals who can apply:

Players, coaches, trainers, cultural figures, models, singers, dancers, performers, comedians, makeupmen, producers, directors, choreographers, photographers, video and visual camera persons, video editing, fashion editing, Writers, columnists, editors, journalists, cartoonists, rhymers, broadcast technicians, graphic designers, artisans, interior designers, etc. associated with multimedia specialist magazines can apply for Canadian citizenship with their families.


Must have at least 2 years of international standard experience in the relevant profession. Or 2 years working as a self-employed person or 2 years of firm management experience. It must also have the capacity to invest one million Canadian dollars.

Points required:

A minimum of 35 points out of 100 is required for application.

Quebec Investor Program:

The Quebec Investor Program was re-launched on May 29. The fastest and shortest time to become a permanent citizen with a family is under this program. You can apply for this program by investing eight million Canadian dollars. The investment is 100% secure.

The advantage of applying to this program is that the 800,000 invested is interest-free after five years. Can live permanently with family. In this case, there is no condition of educational qualification or IELTS for application. In addition, if you have a net worth of 1.8 million Canadian dollars, you can stay in Canada under this program. The investment has to be made within 30 days of the application being approved.

কানাডায় স্থায়ী বসবাসের উপায় জেনে নিন-2(কানাডা নাগরিকত্ব)

how to get permanent resident in canada-Part2

Entrepreneur Program in Canada:

Three million Canadian dollars will be invested in this program. Traders involved in agricultural, industrial or commercial activities can apply for this. Only three years of experience is enough. This entrepreneur program is ongoing under the federal and provincial governments.

Other programs run by the Government of Canada are:

1. Express entry:

Express entry is now the last resort for the migration of a large number of skilled and qualified professionals, after the US government imposed restrictions on H-1B visas. The program is basically divided into three categories. These are: a) Federal Skilled Worker b) Federal Skilled Trader c) Canadian Experience Class.

There is no fixed list of professions or quota system.

Occupations of Express Anti:

People of all professions like engineers, IT professionals, accountants, auditors, bankers, architects, doctors, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, radiologists, sonographers, pharmacists etc. can apply according to their qualifications in their respective fields.

how to get permanent resident in canada-Part1

The minimum eligibility to apply to this program is:

Age Limit: Candidates must be below 53 years of age to apply for this program. Candidate must have at least graduation or equivalent degree or diploma degree. In addition, the candidate needs at least one year or two years of work experience in the field.

To apply for this program, the candidate must score 7.5 in each brand of IELTS (General) and 6.0+ on average. At the same time, if you know French, you will get priority in immigration.

কানাডায় স্থায়ী বসবাসের উপায় জেনে নিন-2(কানাডা নাগরিকত্ব)

how to get permanent resident in canada-Part


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