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How to get e-passport

How to get e-passport

Tanvir Hasan’s machine readable passport will expire in a few months. He was waiting for an e-passport. He has applied for e-passport online soon after the e-passport was launched on January 22. Said, the hassle of e-passport is much less. Apart from this, passports valid for up to 10 years are being issued in a short time. Online payment has also been added. The biggest thing is that e-passport is the safest passport of the new era. It is easy to open an online account for e-passport and use e-passport application form. Apart from this, when you have to submit the application, you are getting a lot of work as the date is available.

How to get e-passport

Bangladesh is the first country in South Asia and the 119th in the world to officially launch e-passport. According to, e-passport is a biometric passport that has an embedded electronic chip. The chip contains biometric data, which is used to prove the identity of the passport holder. It uses smartcard technology with a microprocessor or chip and antenna. Important passport information is stored on the chip. The biometric information used in the e-passport is photo, fingerprint and Irish. Biometric features outside the passport chip are comparatively verified with electronic border control system (e-border). The information on the passport chip is verified through Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). So it is difficult to cheat.

The difference between e-passport and ordinary passport is that it has a small and thin chip like the SIM of a mobile phone. It will have 36 types of security features, many of which will be hidden. At the time of e-passport, the information found in the machine readable passport (MRP) database will be transferred to e-passport.

Like ordinary passports, e-passport applications can also be found online. If you want, you can download the PDF form and fill it by hand. Photo and attestation is not required while filling the form. However, national identity cards have been made mandatory for adults and birth registration certificates for minors. At the time of accepting the application form, 10 fingerprints of the applicant and a picture of the Irish eye will be taken. That information will be added to the chip. All the information will come out as soon as the immigration police hold the passport page in front of the special device.

There are two types of e-passports. One is 48 leaves, the other is 84 leaves. There are three types of fees for general, emergency and non-emergency. The rule of issuing passports within two days has been introduced. For this, the fee has to be counted more.

Initially e-passport service has been started from Uttara, Jatrabari and Agargaon Regional Passport Offices in Dhaka. 72 regional and divisional offices and 60 foreign missions will be set up in phases.

How to apply

E-passports can be applied for online at The site has the facility to select Bengali or English language. Online Passport Application: New / Re-Issue button will be available at the beginning. The application process can be started directly by clicking here. Before that you can take a look at 5 (five) steps of e-passport application. One step is to see if e-passport activities have started in the current living district. The latter are online e-passport application form, payment of passport fee, contact at the passport office for photo and fingerprint and collection of e-passport from the passport office. These include verification of documents and personal information, photography of the applicant, taking fingerprints and Irish photographs, proper payment of passport fee and preservation of the delivery slip provided after enrollment. It is mandatory to show the delivery receipt while accepting the passport. In addition, the latest old passport (if any) must be taken. Passport fee can be paid while submitting e-passport application online. Passport fees will be calculated automatically. Payment can be made online in case of submission of application to the Passport Office of Bangladesh. Apart from online payments, money can be deposited at One Bank, Premier Bank, Sonali Bank, Trust Bank, Bank Asia and Dhaka Bank. Online payments are made through Sonali Bank’s Payment Gateway and the online payment methods introduced so far are StarCard, Visa, Q-Cash, Bikash in Mobile Banking and DBBL Nexus. You need to disable your browser’s pop-up blocker to make online payments.

How much is the fee?

5 year period 21 days regular supply 4 thousand 25 rupees, 10 days fast supply 6 thousand 325 rupees, 2 days super express delivery 6 thousand 625 rupees. 48 pages for a period of 10 years 21 days delivery 5 thousand 750 rupees, 10 days delivery 6 thousand 50 rupees and 2 days delivery 10 thousand 350 rupees. 64 pages 5 year term 21 day delivery 6,325, 10 day delivery 6,625, 2 day delivery 12,065 rupees, 64 pages 10 year term 21 day delivery 6,050, 10 day delivery 10,350, 2 day delivery 13 700 thousand rupees.

E-passport facility

The biggest advantage of e-passport is that it allows travelers to travel very quickly and easily using e-gate. As a result, there is no need to stand in line for visa checking at different airports. This will speed up immigration. If you leave your passport at the specified place of the e-gate, the camera will take pictures. There will also be fingerprint verification system. If all goes well, he will be able to pass immigration. If there is any discrepancy, the red light will light up.

Be aware

E-passport application form has to be filled as per National Identity Card (NID) or Birth Registration Certificate (BRC). Minor applicants (under 18 years of age) who do not have National Identity Card (NID) must have their parents’ National Identity Card (NID) number. The e-passport application can be filled online or by downloading the PDF format. There is no need to attest any photo and any kind of documents. Copies of National Identity Card (NID) for adults and NID of parents along with birth registration certificate for minors have been made mandatory. 10 fingerprints, pictures and Irish features of the eyes will be taken while accepting the application form. Police verification will also be required in case of e-passport. In case of emergency, pre-police verification has to be done on one’s own initiative to get an e-passport. The visa issue will remain the same in the case of e-passport as in the conventional system. Visa authorities or embassies will be able to verify the applicant’s information using this PKD. You can then affix, seal or cancel the visa sticker on the pages of the book. MRPO will be introduced along with e-passport. However, no new MRP will be given. All MRPs will be withdrawn in phases. Detailed rules for applying are given on the website of the department.

Check online

The status can be checked on the e-passport portal. Click on the search option with the date of birth and the serial number of the application. You can view the status of all your applications from your online portal account.

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