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How to get a job in the United States for foreigners

How to get a job in the United States for foreigners

Green card holders have the same employment rights as U.S. citizens. They do not need special permission to operate legally. However, the process of finding a first job after relocating can be difficult for an immigrant.

Also, an occasional job offer is required to get the green card itself. An interview at the consulate will prove that you will be able to support yourself once you arrive in the United States.

Tell us how to do it.
There are several ways to find a job in the United States. We will find out the three most popular and effective. They will help you find a good job as soon as possible.
Important! We are considering legal employment options and we only encourage immigrants to work legally in the United States.

Expatriates or friends
About half of the job offers are “by known” vacancies. The diaspora, whose representatives already have connections with many employers, often assists in the workplace. You can make a request to its representatives or simply ask for help. Or you can find a community of your fellow immigrants on Facebook and post your resume on it.

Job website
Many companies are hiring foreigners to advertise their vacancies on Monster, Craigslist or any other job search portal. Employers on specialized sites often look for highly skilled specialists. You can find a job as a doorman, waiter or driver as well, but you need to explain to your company why you should hire. Either you need to show some special skills that will allow you to do the job better and faster. Or you can take a lower salary.
The most popular job portal in the United States is the largest job search site in the United States and worldwide. The agency’s database includes more than a million job offers and more than 1.5 million re-jobs for employers. Advanced Search lets you search for vacancies not only by name and city, but also by skill and keyword. – The most popular electronic advertising platform among Americans. It offers rental accommodation, various products and services, dating, as well as works in the United States – The world’s top job search site. Every month it is visited by more than 180 million unique users from 50 different countries. – One of the top three job search sites in the United States, it is visited by approximately 24 million job seekers each month. The website mostly represents Fortune 1000 companies.

A little life hack. To find a foreign job, enter your local language name in the search field. Next, all you have to do is sort the fruit by date and other criteria.
Recruitment agency

Specialized firms that focus on finding employees for firms in the United States. They want you to find a job because you pay for it. Their reputation and earnings depend on your results. It is very important to work with a reliable agency. Be sure to ask for their license. The agency must execute an agreement with each applicant, specifying all acceptable vacancies and employers, the desired state or city of work, and other details. The agency will offer you vacancies and arrange interviews until you get a job call. Although it costs money, it is the easiest search option

Finding a job in the United States is not an easy task for immigrants, but it is possible. It all depends on your needs and the time you are willing to spend to find the “perfect” job.

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