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How much will it cost to travel to the United States after winning the DV lottery?

How much will it cost to travel to the United States after winning the DV lottery?

There is a long way to go in winning the DV lottery and getting a green card. If you want to move to the United States, prepare for the mandatory paperwork and living expenses upon arrival. We calculated how much this process could cost you.

Step 1: Fill out the DS-260 application form. Cost $ 0.
After verifying the results on the official website and learning about the victory, you will need to fill out the online immigration visa application form DS-260. It’s free for lottery winners. Follow our instructions to fill out the form at

Once the DS-260 form is done, you should save the confirmation page to your computer and then print it. Among other documents you need to take it with you for an interview. The date of the interview will be emailed to you after you fill out the form.

Step 2: A medical examination. Cost 100- $ 500.
After telling you the date of the interview, it is time for your medical examination. You can only do this at specially certified centers approved by the US Embassy. You can register for the medical examination at the IOM website The cost of this procedure is about 21 215 on average as a family member (prices can vary from country to country 10 10-15), and vaccines are provided separately.

Step 3: Pass the consulate interview and pay the visa fee. The price for each family member is 30 330.
The interview will require the original and English translation of all your documents, the results of the medical examination, and the invitation to the interview itself. The embassy will pay a ফ 330 visa fee per family member at the scene. If your visa is denied, the fee will not be refunded.
If you succeed in your interview, you will be granted a six-month visa. If the main applicant or all family members do not enter the United States within these 6 months, the visa will be revoked.
Step 4: Green card. Cost 20 220 or more.

Lottery winners are entering the United States on a 6-month visa and must receive a green card in the United States.
You must pay the USCIS immigrant fee. This fee is 20 220 and you must pay it before entering the United States. You can do this through the USCIS website at–.
Step 5: Buy a plane ticket. Costs range from 100 100 to 2000 2,000 for a family member.

Air tickets to New York are almost always cheaper than any other city in the United States. This is why New York is one of the largest international centers. According to statistics, cheap tickets are purchased 45-60 days before departure. Prices usually go up a few days before departure.
Step :: Housing rent. Cost $ 1000 / month + from deposit.
The cost of renting in the United States depends on the state and city you plan to live in. This is an important issue, as housing prices can fluctuate greatly. Prices are much higher on the east and west coasts, lower in the interior states. Below we give a few examples.

How much does rent cost in the big cities of the United States?
Apartment List at Data for May 2020 by National Rental Report is here.

San Francisco, California:
Rent rent for 1 bedroom apartment: $ 2,390 / month.
Rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is approximately $ 3,000 / month.
New York, New York:
Rent for a 1 bedroom apartment:: 2,000 / month.
Rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is approximately $ 2,490 / month
Chicago, Illinois:
Rent rent for 1 bedroom apartment: $ 1,090 / month.
Rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is approximately $ 1,290 / month.
San Diego, California:
Rent for 1 bedroom apartment: $ 1,570 / month.
Rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is approximately $ 2,040 / month
Washington, DC:
Rent rent for 1 bedroom apartment: $ 1,350 / month.
Rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is approximately $ 1,550 / month.
Dallas, Texas:

Rent rent for 1 bedroom apartment: $ 910 / month.
Rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is approximately $ 1,130 / month.
Usually you must provide a security, the amount of which depends on various factors, including the needs of the homeowner and the location of the property. Some landlords ask for a security deposit for the amount of monthly rent, some ask for a 50% deposit, and so on. The deposit will be refunded to you after you leave the apartment, if you do not cause any damage to any property.

Step 7: Cost of living. Expenses: From 900 900 per person / month.
The following is the average expenditure per person per month.
The Cold 200 is the average bill for community service in the winter. In summer the amount drops to 75-90.
Home Internet from ড 40.
The mobile phone is from 40.
Grocers and food from 300 300 per person.
Public transport from 115 per person.
$ 200- $ 40

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