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You can be a sun-seeking beach, adrenaline-fueled adventurer or camera-equipped visitor, bet whatever your vacation mechanics are that there is a suitable place here. But, where do you live when you get tired of boutique ins and chains happy?


“There must be some more holidays than you cried!” Pack these suitcases because there’s more, there’s accommodation that will excite you, set in a place that will surprise you. Tired of sunny climate? Book somewhere made of complete ice.


Annoyed by the gray hotels in the inner city? See a room above the trees. You can stay and sleep almost anywhere – even in a sewer pipe (despite being a clean and completely redirected). Got your attention? Read well and discover 8 hotels built in unusual places:ads


TriHetel is located in Harads, Sweden and offers nature, peace and serenity. This hotel takes your average tree house to a whole new level. Its separate “rooms” provided with pine trees (about 4-6 m high) provide a spectacular view of the Lule River.

This tree hotel can be found on a tree.

You can live in a bird house – a house bound by wings and sticks, like a large nest for chickens for your family and large enough in size. You can see the beauty of your setting.

Das Park Hotel
Located in the Austrian town of Linz, it worries me that the hospitality is coming down the toilet. The Das Park Hotel is made up of sewer pipes, let’s not think once about what they were, just look at what they have become. Concrete on the outside, they look somewhat useful to feel comfortable but on the inside they give a double bed and fur blanket.

Book a night at the Das Park Hotel today.
You don’t get N-suite pipes so you have to go to the public area for the bathroom. Aside from its origins, there is another idea about this place – you provide what you value or can afford!

Ice Hotel
Every year the Ice Hotel Chile opens its unique doors for guests, I call the place as unique as it is renovated every year, so every year the design changes. You will find it in the village of Zukkaszarvi (north of the Arctic Circle) in Sweden. Despite its name and snowy surroundings, the Ice Hotel offers a warm welcome and you get the Northern Lights as your stunning background to boot.

Who wouldn’t want to spend a night at an ice hotel in Sweden

You have the option of a warm room (traditional themed hotel style) or a cold room (on ice) and they suggest you book a combination of both. Be sure to kiss a champagne at the ice bar while you’re at it.

Jules ’Andrea Lodge
Located in Key Largo, Florida. You have to find this place, get on your board and dive 21 feet into your front door in the lodges. Struggle Your dive will take you through the Emerald Lagoon (your hotel trip has never been more exciting) and when you reach the lodge you will see your own Atlantis. Will get.

If you like dolphins, book your stay at Jules ’India Lodge today.
The lodge has huge windows so that you can survey the life of the sea in all the seas and your room has all the comforts including the bedroom (complete with more windows), bathroom and kitchen.

There is no human fortress
What is the place like above? No human fortress was built in the 1800s to protect Portsmouth from possible attacks. Now the fort is operated as a hotel for many friendly purposes.

No Man’s Fortress is the ideal journey for adventurers.

Take the boat for your personal transfer and see the glass atrium roof when you get there (great to see the stars in the clear night sky). There are 22 rooms and a lighthouse penthouse suite with views of the sea ceiling.

Hotel Costa Verde
Can anyone fly? No, but we know where you can stay. The Costa Rica Hotel Costa Verde has its own 1965 Boeing 727 Faslage, known as the Phoenix Suite. It is located 50 feet away from the field on the jungle trail and has its own decking (built on one wing), so you can keep an eye on the fresh plants and the sea.

Hotel Costa Verde airline tickets and puts the hotel in a great package.
Keep your eyes open on your side It comes complete with a kitchen, two bathrooms and two bedrooms (queen size bed), it’s not quite a mile-high-club but of course there’s a lot more to it.

Huilo Huilo Montana Magica Lodge
Also known as The Magical Mountain, the hotel is a place to breathe, sitting in splendor in the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve in Chile’s Patagonian forest. The structure resembles a pressurized volcano (luckily it erupts with water instead of lava) and has thirty lodges inside.

Use your interior wizard and book a night at the Huilo Huilo Montana Magica Lodge.
To get to the front door you have to cross a rope bridge, not like a bit of excitement before checking in

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