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Home & Garden: How Cultured Pearls are Grown

Home Garden. How Cultured Pearls are Grown Sujan Hawladar and Zakaria Hasan Johnny have responded among the unemployed youths by cultivating pearls commercially with fish in the same pond. He started cultivating pearls by watching videos on YouTube. Success has come at the end of the year. As a result, the educated youth of the village have also become interested in fish farming in ponds or water bodies as well as pearl farming.

Home & Garden: How Cultured Pearls are Grown

They are living the dream of changing their destiny by cultivating pearls in Anantapara village of Dhulasar union adjacent to Kuakata in Patuakhali. At the beginning of 2019, Sujan became interested in collaborating with Rangpur pearl farmer Liton through YouTube. He started cultivating pearls with 2,000 oysters in the freshwater of 30 percent of the pond behind the house. Successful for the first time, he started cultivating pearls commercially.

How Cultured Pearls are Grown
How Cultured Pearls are Grown

How Farming Pearls

Seeing Sujan’s success, his cousin Johnny also started cultivating pearls. They are cultivating image methods, tissue transplantation methods, and nuclear or round type pearls in their ponds.

It is known that Sujan sells each cultivated pearl for 350-400 rupees. From one oyster two pearls are born at once. Fish food is made with that oyster. As a result, pearl farming in the same pond along with fish is becoming popular among the unemployed day by day. Unemployed youths will become self-reliant through pearl cultivation if they get government support – this is the expectation of those concerned.

Sujan Hawlader said, ‘I started cultivating pearls in early 2019 with only 600 oysters. It costs 35 thousand rupees. At the end of the year, I sell 1 lakh 80 thousand rupees. This year, 8,000 oysters are cultivating pearls in the pond. I hope the pearls worth Tk 3 lakh will be sold this time. ‘

pearl farming at home

Pearl cultivation takes more time but the cost is less, the amount of profit is more. There is no need to give food. The educated youths of the area are showing interest in pearl cultivation. Some have even started. Sujan Hawladar’s cousin Zakaria Hasan Johnny, a 3rd-year student of Bangla Department of Barisal BM College, has started pearl farming.

He said, ‘I started by watching the video of how to cultivate pearls with the advice of Sujan Bhai. Later I went to Mymensingh Pearl Cultivation Institute and started commercial cultivation after learning by hand. An oyster costs 30-35 rupees. It sells for 350-400 rupees. ‘

Pearl Farming: Where Do Cultured Pearls Come From?

Bidhan Saha, a lecturer in the agriculture department at Muktijoddha Memorial Degree College, said, “Besides fish farming in ponds, pearl farming is profitable. There is a possibility of commercial success if adequate training is provided.

Patuakhali District Fisheries Officer Mollah Emdadullah said, “Officially, a project has been taken up to spread pearl farming.” All kinds of cooperation including training are being given through Bangladesh Fisheries Resource Research Institute. If the youth of this region show interest, I will cooperate. ‘

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