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SMS from Mother: Happy Mothers Day 2019

Happy Mothers Day 2019. Father Rasu, how are you doing in my chest! You are not good, father! Because you are good, I left me in these four walls of old age, one day. Then no other day did you see your confused face. We are still looking forward to that path every day. Someone actually thinks that I am ‘my’. Actually tell me, are not you good? If you are good, why does smoke come out of my chest? Toxic smoke! Till the pillow to get wet in the water!
Your dentist did not hurt you! One day at night, your dentist suddenly became aggrieved. His age did not reach thirteen. I was also crying because of my pain. In the middle of the night, you went to your father’s grave and cried weeping. I did not have two money in the house that would bring pain medicines to you.
Remember that Rasu- The next day you took mein to work at the next house and took me to the doctor in the evening. Taking your medicine, he was suffering from that pain. . I know that the pain sometimes still gives you pain.
I have heard that you have done treatment in a foreign country. Pain is the father! I saw in the dream last night – you have a lot of pain in old days. Your daughter is saying that the rasa door is gorgeous – ‘Grandfather, Dad is calling you. If you phu, or the pain of his dad is healed!

SMS from Mother: Happy Mothers Day

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Rasu,Whose face is your teeth, now your teeth reduce the pain? When you were suffering from a pain in the pain, when the gagan prolonged weeping cried, I used to call Allah to sit beside you. I became crazy. I used to vow for pain. I wore my shirt worn on the sarees and I would have given you Oh. I was able to clean the sweat of the forehead with the smell of scenty aroma. How much time has changed Do you remember those words? Wanted to know too much. Today I remember you father How are you feeling breathless
How are you mother When I lost my sister in Stero Pernoni, I got my wife in my palm and I tried to forget my piece of paper. My mother looked like a girl in a womb. I used to love you. I kissed my forehead in front of me. The book was filled with calmness. Did not they like the wife?

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