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GPA 5 will not be in public exam

GPA 5 will not be in public exam This means that junior school certificate (JSC), secondary school certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) examination and GPA 5 will not be available. The Ministry of Education has taken the initiative to publish results among the comeulative grade point average and CGPA 4 from the next JSC exam.

On Wednesday, Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni In the meeting, he ordered the presentation of a draft by reorganizing the CGPA.

Chairman of the Inter Education Board and chairman of Dhaka Education Board Prof. Ziaul Haque said to Kaler Kantho, “In the meeting of the education minister with the inter board, all agreed to publish the result of 4 instead of CGPA 5. However, we will meet with stakeholders in this regard. We will review the results of other countries in the world. Then present it to a draft educationist about how to get results from CGPA 4 in the next one month. If possible, we want to publish results from CGPA 4 this year from JSC. ”

Currently, results are published in the public examination of CGPA-5 in the country. But in public universities the results were published in CGPA 4. And in all other countries in the world, all the results are published in CGPA 4. As a result, the job of the SSC and HSC results in the combination of higher education fruits, the country’s job seekers in the country.

And in the field of education and jobs abroad, there are more major problems. Because the students from Bangladesh are going to study abroad. They have to go overseas after compiling their SSC and HSC certificates. There are many foreign universities to get into trouble. And internationally, the result of the country is not equality

In addition, by 2030, Bangladesh has set the target of becoming a middle income country. In order to achieve the goal of Millennium Development Goals-SDG4, we have been asked to ensure standard education at all levels. And to achieve this standard education, we need to show results in the same grade to compare with other countries of the world. In all, the education ministry is known to make this grade change.

According to the sources, in Bangladesh the grade system is introduced in the public examination since 2001. There are grade points 5, Letters grade A plus for the numbers 80 to 100. That’s the highest grade. After that, grade points 4, numbers 70 to 79, in letter grade. Grade points for grades 60 to 69, 3.50, letter grade a minus. Grade points 3, Letters grade B, for grades 50 to 59. Grade points 2, Letter grade C, for grades 40 to 49. Grade points of the numbers obtained from 33 to 39, letter grade d. And from 0.3 to zero, Grade Point Zero, Letter grade F. GPA1 is achieved as a result of achieving it. If you do not get F grade in any respect, then the grade grade of a student is evaluated by grading the grade points obtained from all subjects except for the fourth subject. However, all the above mentioned numbers above 80 are the guardians of the Golden GPA 5. But there is no grade in the name of the golden GPA in terms of the results of the education boards.

Currently, in the public universities of Bangladesh, if the number is above 80 in all the subjects, then the CGPA 4 and the letter grade ‘A Plus’. Next between 75 to 80, CGPA 3.75 and letter grade ‘A’; Between 70 and 75 grade points 3.50 and letter grade ‘minus’; Between 65 to 70 point 3.25 and letter grade ‘b plus’; Point 3 and letter grade ‘B’ between 60 to 65; Between 55 to 60 points 2.75 and letter grade ‘B minus’; Between 50 to 55 points 2.50 and letter grade ‘C plus’; Between 45 to 50 points 25 and letter grade ‘C’; If you get 40 to 45 marks are considered as point 2 and letter grade ‘D’. If you get less than 40 numbers, its letter grade ‘F’, there is no grade point.

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