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The initiative to give employment to one person per family ‘will be in the upcoming budget. Finance division is working to make the budget by focusing on two things in the village conversion to town and giving jobs to every family. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has instructed to give special attention to these two issues. For this, special allocation will be given in rural areas. These information was found in the Ministry of Finance.

According to sources, the forthcoming budget is being made with the prominence of ruling Awami League’s Awami League election manifesto. The main theme is ‘Village will be the city’. The outline of the conversion of the village to a gradual town will be highlighted.It is learned that Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal will present the budget for the first time in the Jatiya Sangsad on June 13. There will be exceptions in some of the budgets he has presented in excess of 5, 24, 000 crores. Firstly, the whole budget is being sorted out on the basis of Awami League’s election manifesto. Second, the meaning is large in size but the budget will be minimal.

Officials of the finance department said that in the upcoming budget, efforts will be made to reduce the ruralization and unemployment. For this reason, an initiative of India’s neighboring country is being taken as a role model. In India, ‘One Day Work Program’ was initiated. The initiative is a controversy, but the country has achieved success. Especially successful in remote areas. On the basis of that, the Finance Department is working with an initiative to hire one Ribber in the initially. For this reason a separate project called ‘Karmishenan’ may be taken. It may be implemented in the public-private partnership.


Policy Research Institute (PRI) executive director Ahsan H Mansur said, “I do not know how the finance minister will arrange jobs from every family. But if this initiative is taken only for the public sector then what will be the benefit? Rather, it will be rewarding if you take this initiative for private sector or private sector. ‘

Regarding this, senior researcher of Bangladesh Development Research Institute (BIDS) Naznin Ahmed told Kaler Kantho, “Whatever Finance Minister has said, it should be taken in a big way by not taking it literally. That means employment from each family means two goals.

One is to get rid of poverty and the other is to create employment. If poverty in the country decreases, employment opportunities are created then income discrimination will be reduced. But it is not possible in one day. Graduately possible. It is possible to create adequate employment opportunities. Strategic arrangements have been made in many places across the country, especially in Char, Haor areas.

For this, infrastructure development, education, education will be developed. Employment will be done in the whole country as well as in the development of the country. “He said,” But these works are not possible for the government alone. Government-owned joint venture will be required. The government can only play the role of controller here. If the benefits are available in the village, then the private sector will come forward.

According to the Finance Department sources, the importance of seeking and seeking common people in the coming budget is given importance. That is why the Department of Finance is trying to keep the system from the marginal farmer to the day laborer.

If those villages are lagged behind in district, upazila level, they will have direct impact on marginalized people. For this, an outline of the urbanization of the city will be presented in the budget.

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