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government will pay all public exam fee

The government will provide public exam fees, tuition fees, books and stipends for all students from 6th to higher secondary level. For this purpose, the project of Tk.1.37 billion has been started. Education Minister, Headmaster, Principal and others, including the Education Minister Dr. Dipu MoniThe minister made the call while addressing a seminar at a seminar at a workshop in the capital’s International Mother Language Institute on Thursday. Senior officials of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, Sohrab Hossain and some officials of the Ministry and the Upazila Secondary Education Officers took part in the workshop.

government will pay all public exam fee

The minister said, Bangladesh Awami League’s election manifesto was a matter of quality education. To ensure quality education, the students of the 6th and 12th grade students will be paid the tuition fee through this project. There will also be payment of public examination fees, buying books, stipulation and tuition fees and training and orientation of stockholders.

Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, the main implementing agency of the project. Besides, 13 organizations will also be working as implementers. Source: Bangladesh Journal

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