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Government servants in special allowance

The government launched ‘haor allowance’ for the government servants of the haor region of the country. Ministry of Finance issued the notification on 5th May. Under this special allowance, the 20th grade payers will get monthly Tk 1650. On the other hand, seven and undergraduates receive Tk 5000.

Government servants in special allowance

Happy Mothers Day 2019
আজ মা দিবস- মাকে জানায় ভালবাসা। বৃদ্ধাশ্রম থেকে এক মায়ের চিঠি পড়ুুন,। কেন উচ্চ শিক্ষিত সন্তানের বাবা-মা বৃদ্ধাশ্রমে
আপনি আপনার বাবা মাকে বৃদ্ধাশ্রমে পাঠাতে চান? আমি চাইনা।


It has been learned that for several years, the haoraprane district’s districts have been proposing to introduce Haor Khata as a remote area. At the last year’s DC conference Kishoreganj district Deputy Commissioner (DC) Azimuddin Biswas sent a proposal to start haor allowances in cabinet division. In view of the long-standing demand of the DC, the government took initiative to provide this allowance to government officials and employees working in haor areas.

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