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Good news for unemployed youths B

Two years ago, Sayam Hossain passed a private world university in the capital. There were no efforts to earn a lot of work for the job. A job is a golden deer near him. Frustrated, this young man is trying to do something; But what to do. It takes capital to do business. Family of common family As a result, it is difficult to raise capital.Good education for the unemployed unemployed youth like Sayam will be good news in the new budget. Their priority is being given. It is proposed to set up a separate fund for the youth so that they can become self-sufficient by starting a business easily, in this budget. In the name of ‘start up fund’ it will be allocated 100 crore taka.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the youth who want to start a business will be provided with basic funding from this fund. Although always allocated for skill and training, the direct assistance for young people in the budget is the first. An official responsible for the budget formulation said to the society that a policy would be created about how the proposed funds will be managed, how much money will be given, loans given or grants will be made. This assistance will be provided on the basis of that policy. After the budget announcement it will be finalized. The sources said, initially allocation of Tk 100 crore will be allocated in the upcoming budget. Later, the demand for money will be increased if demand increases.

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Organizers and entrepreneurs welcomed this initiative and said that the youth are the main drivers of the economy and the focus of development planning. If they get easy access they will be encouraged and employment will increase a lot. It is known that Bangladesh is currently in a convenient position from the population. Because a large part of the total population is young, aged 18 to 29. According to economists, to build a prosperous Bangladesh, productivity and job creation need to be created. This will be possible through the working young population. In order to make them easy to start a business, the budget needs to provide the necessary policies and assistance. It is worth mentioning that about 2 million people come to the labor market every year. One of the challenges of the government will be to create their job opportunities.

The concern is that the rate of young unemployment is increasing. In fact, because of the private investment stops, new jobs are not going to be the same. Unemployment is increasing for this. Former senior director of Bangladesh Development Research Institute is currently chairman of Agrani Bank. Zayed Bakht said, Increasing investment in the private sector increases the job opportunities. Income increases if you get work. As well as the standard of living with it He believes that due to lack of adequate employment, everyone is not getting the benefit of the gross domestic product or GDP growth. Finance Ministry sources said that the proposed fund is being set up to help young people to work. The government hopes that if the assistance from this fund will create new youth entrepreneurs and employment will increase.

Asif Ibrahim, former president of Dhaka Chamber, said there are many challenges like achieving ADG, upgrading to a developed country. Young people are most important to face these challenges. That’s why they have to make easy employment and investment. Arif Khan, Managing Director, IDLC, a non-government organization, said that the youth are the future. Their employment opportunities will be ensured. You have to make financing if you want to do business. They will have to pay free of cost.
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