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Golden Visa Dubai-Requirements Ι Benefits Ι policy

Golden Visa Dubai-Requirements Ι Benefits Ι policy

Obaidul Haque Manik, Emirates Representative: Dubai is introducing special visas for investors and in various fields. They are launching an online service to expedite the process of issuing residence permits. Dubai signed an agreement in this regard on Wednesday. Special visas include the Golden Visa and the Visa for Eminent Persons. The ‘Strategic Partnership’ agreement has been signed between Residency and Foreign Affairs-Dubai (GDRFA-Dubai) and the Department of Tourism and Trade Marketing (Dubai Tourism). The agreement will help in issuing residency permits to investors, entrepreneurs and retirees. It will also complete the process like the application evaluation method.

Golden Visa Dubai
Golden Visa Dubai

An agreement signed in Dubai, the commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates, on Wednesday, January 13th, promotes online services and platforms designed to facilitate the process of issuing residency permits for various investor programs and special visas. These include the ‘Distinguished Guest and Virtual Working’ program, the ‘Golden Visa’ for investors and the Retirement Visa Agreement. The “Strategic Partnership” agreement was signed between the Residency of Residency and Foreign Affairs – Dubai (GDRFA – Dubai) and the Department of Tourism and Trade Marketing (Dubai Tourism).

Dubai golden visa

What the agreement includes: The partnership agreement will help in issuing residency permits for investors, entrepreneurs and retirees. It also covers processes such as application evaluation methods. It facilitates online access to applicants’ data as well as allowing people to apply for this particular residency permit.

The two entities will collaborate to provide technical support to these online platforms and services. They will work intensively to market the programs covered by the agreement and provide the information and services needed to issue residency permits and visas. They will implement joint activities including marketing programs and share skills and best practices. Cruise ships and yachts also come under contract. This simplifies the entry and exit procedures for crew and passengers.
“The GDRFA will hold additional discussions to better understand the needs of Dubai Tourism cruise ship and yacht owners,” the Dubai Tourism press release said.

Dubai golden visa requirements

The agreement also allows for the training of staff under a jointly organized annual program. Each year, Dubai Tourism will offer two GDRFA employees the opportunity to join a diploma program at the Dubai College of Tourism for free.Dubai Image Enhancement: GDRFA – Director General of Dubai, Major-General Mohammed Ahmed Al Mari said: “This agreement further enhances the existing strategic relationship between GDRFA – Dubai and Dubai Tourism and enhances our tourism’s image as a World Cup tourism and global investor. ”It is noteworthy that in challenging times Dubai has to defend its global reputation and Mahama; I have been able to carry out the program with determination and confidence in dealing effectively with the effects of RE. ”

Helal Said Almarri, Director General of Dubai Tourism, said: “Dubai offers the perfect accommodation option for entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals with a modern lifestyle, world-class infrastructure and diversity of healthcare and tourism experience.“Our partnership with GDRFA will help further develop initiatives and initiatives such as the Dubai Retirement” and the “Virtual Working” program aimed at further strengthening Dubai’s reputation as a leading hub for life and tourism in Dubai.

Dubai golden visa

GDRFA-Dubai and Dubai Tourism will collaborate on online services by providing the necessary approvals as well as ‘useful links’ to various services. This will allow people to apply for this particular residency permit as well as online access to applicants’ data. They will provide technical support in this service.

About Dubai:

Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is also the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Located on the southeastern coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a global city and a major business hub in the Middle East. It is a major global transport hub for passenger and cargo aircraft. Oil production has helped accelerate the development of the city, which was already a major trading center. Dubai’s oil output in 2008 was 2.1 percent of the Persian Gulf economy. As a center of regional and international trade in the early twentieth century, Dubai’s economy depended on revenues from trade taxes, tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services. [6] Dubai hosted large construction projects, numerous hotels, and large sports competitions. Has attracted the attention of the world. As of September 6, 2020, the estimated population of Dubai was 3,400,600, according to official figures.

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