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Golden opportunity For Australian Immigration

Golden opportunity for Bangladeshis to become Australian citizens again. Oceania, the island nation of Oceania, has always been at the top of the list of migrant destinations. Body light and air and the unobstructed nature of thousands of islands make this smallest continent unique, while social security and improved living standards make it the sixth largest country in the world. About 2 lakh visa applications come to the country from all over the world every year.

Recently, however, there have been fears and criticisms about the country’s new competency-based sub-class 456 visa revocation and new citizenship law. Many are disappointed that there is no more opportunity to apply for sub-class 458. But the Australian government has already introduced several new schemes.

So the 50,000-year history of migration has taken a new turn in Australia, the land of the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef.
The Indian Ocean, Timur, Arafura, Tasman and Coral Seas, and the country, which has been besieged by the bargaining power of the Torres and Bess system, have created more opportunities for Bangladeshis to live permanently.

But the application of Bangladeshi citizens was rejected just because they did not apply in the right way and could not determine the right program. Bangladeshi citizens can also get the opportunity to live permanently in Australia if they apply following the migration law properly.

For the benefit of those interested, the new program details how to stay in Australia. You can understand your abilities and plans and become permanent through any one of them in Kangaroo and Cricket Country Australia.

Hobart is the capital of the Australian archipelago Tasmania. Permanently residing in Tasmania
Being nominated by the state of Tasmania has created an opportunity to come to Australia temporarily and settle permanently. Until recently this opportunity was only applicable to those who were already living in Australia

Visa holders can live and work anywhere in the state of Tasmania. Tasmania, the southern coastal island nation of Australia, has announced the re-introduction of the visa under category 489. With this new visa, foreign applicants will have the opportunity to live and work in Tasmania for a period of four years. After two years of living and one year of work, you can apply for permanent residence. This announcement has been effective from last July 1.

Skilled Independent (Migrant) Visa Sub Class 175
The number of immigrants in Australia is increasing day by day. It is mainly skilled workers who migrate to the country for a better life. Apart from this, Australian citizenship can be obtained in many ways. However, the most common is sub class 175.

If there is no sponsor in the process, only if the qualifications or skills match the list announced by the Australian Government, the age is between 25-50 and proficiency in English then it is easy to immigrate to Australia.

There are three stages to citizenship in Australia. The first is TR or temporary residency. The second is PR or permanent residency and the last step is full citizenship. Those who live in the first and second stages cannot vote and participate in the defense forces.

Bangladeshi visa applicants can easily proceed according to the right plan and apply for a visa by proving work and skills. All programs for work in Australia and migration to Australia with family have been identified through several sub-classes. These are:
• Sub-Class 189- Skilled Independent Visa.
• Sub-Class 190 – State Nominated Visa.
• Sub-Class 489 – Regional sponsored visa.
• Sub-Class 485 – Temporary Graduate Visa.

In addition, the relatively simple categories are:
• Sub-Class 458-Employer-sponsored temporary visa.
• Sub-Class 16- Permanent visa sponsored by the employer.
• Sub-Class 402-Visa for training and research.
• Sub-Class 481 for family members living in New Zealand.

Permanent visa to Australia with family is only 12 months
Under sub-classes 18, 169, 190 and 489, any foreign national can now acquire Australian citizenship in just 12 months.

This program has some advantages. These are: You don’t have to take any job offer from the country for this. Children will get free education, family members will get free medical facilities. In addition, 169 developed countries will be able to travel without a visa. There are opportunities to get permanent citizenship at the lowest cost and in the shortest time, no quota or fixed number. State Government nominations can be applied for at any time and PR can be processed for dependent family members at the lowest government cost.

Engineers, Physicians, Information Technology Workers, Accountants, Auditors, Architects, Dentists, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Bankers, Radiologists, Nurses, Sonographers, Pathologists, Surveyors, Midwives, Teachers etc.

To apply to this program h

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