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Free training to 5 lakh unemployed youth in upcoming budget

There is no substitute for price, wages and employment to sustain sustainable growth and maintain macroeconomic stability. GDP growth in the last few years is between 6 and 7 percent. In the current fiscal year, the GDP growth rate is 7.8 percent. At the end of the fiscal year, it is expected to earn 8.8 percent.Growth rate in the next fiscal year is 8.5 percent. Experts have said that the unemployment-free growth is not sustainable. For this, the focus should be on employment. An official concerned with budget preparation said that special attention is being given to create jobs in the next fiscal year budget. There are special funds for the youth in the coming budget.

Free training to 5 lakh unemployed youth in upcoming budget

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At the same time, the efforts of the stuck Pakistanis in Bangladesh are being taken to make them efficient. In addition to raising skills, five lakh youth will be trained under ‘Skill for Employment Investment Program’ (SIIP), considering the current and future needs of national and international labor market. In this one million people will be given driving lessons. They will be sent abroad by training their language and traffic laws.Technical training will be provided under National Skill Development Fund. In some cases the technical education program will also be changed. Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Habibur Rahman said, the government wants to get out of the mobility growth. In this case, the experience of other countries will be utilized.

The sources said, to reduce poverty in the coming budget and to reduce the inequality, emphasis will be on increasing the expenditure on quality education, health care and social security. It is planned to develop skilled human resources through the government. Through which quality employment will increase. As a result, poor people can gradually enter high-paying jobs. This will increase the income of poor people

This kind of strategy will be kept in the next budget. Special attention will be given to create entrepreneurship in the coming budget. Trainedwith educated youth and entrepreneurs who are currently in small businesses. Based on this, entrepreneurs will be created with the loan, as if they can make themselves available for higher income. World Bank Dhaka chief economist said. Zahid Hossain said, the increase in employment will increase if the GDP increases.

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