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Free Online Courses /Online College Application

Free Online Courses /Online College Application

Online courses or training has become one of the means for young people to spend their time at home. These courses are being offered by world-renowned universities and leading technology institutes. There is no cost for studying in these courses, nor is there any academic qualification! It can be said that anyone can get these courses sitting at home for free. However, it costs a little money to get the certificate. Let’s not know where, how, and why to do these courses.

Don’t change normal activities. However, the history of human civilization says that the people of the world have the ability to overcome such disasters together. Social distance, empathy, and proper application of hygiene can keep us safe. After 7 days of continuous lockdown in Bangladesh, the corona spread has been increasing even though it has started its activities on a limited scale.

So it is relatively safe to spend time outside of the most important work at home. Just as it is possible for us to develop our self-development and self-improvement by using lockdown or time at home to learn something new, it is also possible to get rid of mental instability and panic.

What will you learn? Why learn?

It is difficult to say now what the economy, the job market, the new skills will look like in the future. But it is certain that the world is going to face an economic recession. As a result, in the job market, in different environments, accustomed to handling many responsibilities at once, positive-minded workers are more likely to survive.

In particular, companies will use the cost of information technology to cover their expenses, as well as to test the skills and salaries of older employees. Therefore, acquiring knowledge of new things to keep pace with change is not a luxury or a waste of time but a wise act.

Academic qualifications do not cost as much as studying for an online course. It can be said that absolutely anyone can get these courses sitting at home for free. This includes lectures, various reading materials, assignments. However, it costs a little money to get a

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Seip Free Training Circular
Where to learn?


Established in 2012, it is a leading platform for online learning. There are opportunities to take online courses in more than two hundred universities and institutes in various subjects including Engineering, Humanities, Medicine, Biology, Social Science, Mathematics, Business, Computer Science, Digital Marketing, Data Science. This online specialized website is currently offering more than 4,000 courses.

Courses are offering more than 115 free courses during this time. From business, technology, arts, language learning, programming to the latest branches of science and information technology, there is an opportunity to learn something new or weld old knowledge through online certificate courses from various famous universities such as Yale, Duke, Stanford, University of London.

If you want to visit the course, you can visit this link


Harvard University

Harvard University offers the opportunity to read 64 courses on various subjects online. These include IT and Development, Business, Data Science, Health and Medicine and Humanities, Computer Science, Social Science. The length of the courses is 4 to 15 weeks.

These courses are outlined by the best teachers at Harvard. Information technology courses include technology learning for various web and mobile apps from Today and 3D Game Development. There are various courses on CS50. The business department also has three basic courses on Emerging Economics, Contract Law and Accounting and Financial Statement. In this age of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Harvard has introduced 14 online courses in data science.

There are numerous courses on different civilizations and religions of the world. There are scriptures based on scripture Hinduism, outline of Christianity, and even Sikhism. Not only this, if one wants to walk beyond the familiar world of science and logic to the world of occultism, there is also a course on the history of prophecy, divination and occult. Even curriculum on ancient Egypt, pyramids, and hieroglyphic scripts is free.

You can do the course at


Courses can be found on the website to learn more about graphic design, creative writing, photography and illustrator. The lectures here are quite interactive. That is, everything can be learned here by hand. Experts talk about the beginning and end of a particular subject. The course ends only if you can show yourself a project related to a specific subject.

Skillshare was established in 2010. At present, they are offering 26,000 premium classes and 2,000 free classes. If you want to take premium class, you have to pay around 10 per month as subscription fee.– You can visit the site with this link. You can also do free courses if you want.

UN CC-Learn

Details on climate change can be found on the UN website Climate Change-Eiler. You can do every course of the site for free.

Site address –

Khan Academy

This online learning app was established in 2006. It is a completely non-profit educational organization. You can easily take courses on various subjects here. Simple short videos will help you to master many difficult things easily.

Khan Academy Web Link –

10 minutes to school

It offers academic classes on math, science, history, English and literature, as well as live broadcast classes, various practice quizzes, model tests and educational platforms. The platform has been organizing live classes since June 2017 using Facebook’s live feature.

By liking the page, so far more than 50,000 students are learning from the live classes. Live classes are being conducted every night except Monday and Wednesday at 8 pm. In addition to Facebook Live Class followers, there are 40,000 subscribers on YouTube who are learning at their own convenience. An average of 5,000 students participated in each of the Facebook-based live classes.

Web address –

Free text

Anyone can take training online from this free e-learning platform. The certificate is also available at the end of the successful training. This initiative is being implemented in the Access to Information or A2I program of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Free text address – 

In addition, various embassies and local institutions are offering state courses. You can do the required course sitting at home. These courses will give you confidence and courage to take a new path.

How to apply
The application form can be found on the sentence website (( Application forms can be collected and submitted from 19 nominated organizations. What kind of training will be given from any organization can be found on the website. Useful information can be found directly in the office. The name and address of the nominated organization can be found on the sentence website. After filling the application form, two copies of passport size photograph, character certificate, photocopy of national identity card and attested copy of educational qualification certificate should be submitted.


Type of training
Skilled and experienced trainers in BPO sector will impart training. Training will be given in both theoretical and practical methods. There will be classes five days a week. Morning, noon, and afternoon training will be given in three shifts. 25 people will get admission in each batch.

Find out how
Advertisements were given to various national dailies. Admission information can be found on the sentence website and on the website of the nominated institution. Detailed information can be found on the sentence website ( Useful information can also be obtained by calling Bangladesh Association of Call Center and Outsourcing (Sentence), Apartment B-2, House 59, Road-26, Gulshan-1, Dhaka directly and by calling 09614334455.

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