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electronic card-smart card national ID card will be used as an e-passport

Brigadier General Sultanuzzaman Md. Director General of National Identity Card Registration Department Saleh said electronic card-smart card national ID card will be used as an e-passport in the future.He said this at a press conference at the media center of the Election Commission on Sunday.He said the use of National ID card is increasing day by day. So, smartcard will be provided soon to ensure better security. It has 25 security codes. No one can easily duplicate.

The Director General said, in order to use this card, 20 kinds of citizen services can be found in the standard. In addition, this card can be used in many uses including e-portports and immigration services in the future.He said that this card can be used so many things that it is not possible to realize it now. Because it is more memory card than any other country’s smart card. If there is a mistake in the ID card then there will be an opportunity to correct the mistake.Meanwhile, a sophisticated software has been bought. If the approval of the commission meeting on Monday, the opportunity will be open within 7 days. As a result, the mistakes can be corrected online. However, after completing the form, the concerned officer will contact the concerned officer Sultanuzzaman said. SalehHe said that in the year 2016, 9 crore people will be given smartcards. In this case, cards will be delivered in 6 million steps. Citizens will get first-phase cards in April-May. In this case, those who currently have identity cards will get priority.He also believes that with this card ensure good governance, it will be easy to curb corruption.

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Regarding the grievances of the Card Correction, the Director General said a citizen gets the National Identity Card by completing the application form. That means, to correct the information given to him, the exact reason must be shown. When we look at the wrong correction intent, we apply the application. If someone is honest in the application, he does not have to suffer. Therefore, those who come for correction must be able to satisfy the evidence only if th

cards are corrected.

The military official said that if someone is intentionally harassed, he will not be tolerated.

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