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Degree Final Year English Suggestion 2018

Degree Final Year English Suggestion 2018

* An intellectual is one……….. to reveal to other.
** Money can not buy……… happiness.
** A freedom fighter is…………. on the world.
** Today women are playing important…….. brings.
** Climate change is one…….. our achievement.
* One fascinating benefit….. through the university.
** Today woman are playing important…. income.
Paragraph Writing
**Female Education
** Eve-tasing.
** Tree plantation.
** Price -Hike.
** Food Adulteration.
** Freedom fighters.
** Mobile phone.
** Facebook.
** A Book Fair.
Report Writing
** Write a report for the press on the save the rivers, save the country.
** On the logging in a different part of Dhaka.
** An the anti-corruption seminar held in year college.
** On the blood donation programme in your locality.
** A terrible dacoity has occurred in a jewelry shop in your town. suppose you are the local correspondent of a national daily. now make a report on it.
Informal Letter Writing
** Write a letter to your younger brother about the bad effects of smoking and advising him not to smoke.
** Your younger brother advising him to avoid bad company.
** Your find informing what you would like to do after your graduation.
Formal Letter: NU Hons 2013, 2014, 2016. Degree 2015, 2014, 2013
Job Application Writing:
** Write an application for the post of sales manager.
** Write an application with to the principle of a college for the post of a lecturer.
** Write an application to the director of an information technology company for the post of a system analyst.
** Write an application to the manager of a bank for the post of a junior officer
Essay Writing
**Freedom fighters
** Patriotism.
** Natural calamities in Bangladesh
** Empowerment of women.
** Tree plantation
** Students of social service.
** Digital Bangladesh.
** World cup football.
➦Dialogue Writing
** Write a dialogue between a salesman and customer,
** Write a dialogue between two friends on watching an interesting TV Programme.
** Write a dialogue between two friends on the necessary of multimedia classrooms.
** Write a dialogue between you and your father about your plan after the degree examination.
** Acid Throwing
** Eve teasing
** Corruption
** Drug Addition
** Food Adulteration.
Advertisement Writing
Degree – 2007,2008,2012,2014
Honos 2013, 2016, 2017

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