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Cultivation of dragon and malta-Gardening Tips

On the advice of the Department of Agricultural Extension, to meet the nutritional needs at the local level, the farmer of Rajbari Sadar Upazila, Md. Abdul Gafur Qazi. He is a resident of Rupgram in Shaheed Wahabpur UP. Although new cultivation of dragon and malt has started in this region, he has got huge success. This season he has earned about two lakh rupees by selling dragons and malta.

It costs a nominal amount of money, which is for fungicides and care. However, dragon and malt are several times more profitable than other crops including paddy and jute and the hardships are less. In addition, vegetables can be grown in these gardens as a companion crop, from which additional income can be earned.It is learned that Abdul Gafur, a farmer from Rooppur village in Shahid Wahabpur Union of Sadar Upazila, started cultivating Dragon and Bari-1 Malta in 2016 on about 1.5 bighas of land on the advice of the Department of Agricultural Extension.

Cultivation of dragon and malta-Gardening Tips


He is cultivating Vietnamese coconut and broccoli, papaya, and other vegetables as companion crops in the garden. At present, there are 6 dragon and 60 malt trees in the garden.


Dragon bears fruit at intervals of 18 to 24 months and Malta bears fruit after two years. That’s basically what you spend when you start gardening. The latter is spent on care and fungicides. The cost of whole garden care and fungicides comes from companion crops.

This season, farmer Gafur has sold dragons worth Tk 1.44 lakh from 40 dragon pillars and malt worth Tk 50,000 from 60 malt trees. In addition, the Vietnamese coconut tree did not actually bear fruit.

Dragon farming initially cost Rs 500 per pillar and Rs 40 to Rs 50 per malt seedling. Locals Alam and Majid Sheikh said Gafur Kazi has been cultivating dragon and malt for several years now. He is currently making a lot of money by selling dragon fruit and malt.

Cultivation of dragon

Cultivation of dragon
Cultivation of dragon

Dragon has sold the most. People come from far and wide by car to buy and see these fruits. There is a lot of difficulty in cultivating other agricultural crops but in the beginning, it is difficult to cultivate this fruit, later there is no more difficult and the profit is several times more. In the future, they will plant orchards on their farmland. These dragon fruits and malts are delicious.


Farmer Abdul Gafur Kazi said he is a farmer and farming is his profession. He is cultivating a mixed orchard of the dragon, malt, and Vietnamese coconut to meet the nutritional needs of the fruit through the advice of the Department of Agricultural Extension. Whatever the cost, it comes first. Dragon farming has cost a total of five hundred rupees for each pillar with its four.

There is no cost other than care and fungicides later. It has started yielding after two years and now it is fully harvesting 40 trees and has planted 26 new ones. Now it costs 5 to 6 thousand rupees a year and he is applying his own Burmese compost fertilizer in the garden.The cost is the same as before, now you will only get the fruit and the tree in the pillar will get the same number of years. This season, he has sold dragons for around Rs 1.5 lakh. On the other hand, the cost of cultivating malt is also limited. He bought saplings for 40 to 45 rupees. He bought Vietnamese coconut saplings for five hundred rupees per piece.


He is also cultivating companion crops. From which the cost of care is rising. He has about 60 trees in the Malta garden. This year, he has sold goods worth around Rs 50,000 from there. You will get more Malta yield in the future.

Besides, the coconut tree is tied but does not bear fruit. He hopes that next year there will be a harvest from coconut trees. By cultivating these fruits, he makes huge profits and he earns 8 to 10 times more than other crops. He will further increase the cultivation of fruits in the future and seeing his success in orchards, the people in the vicinity are interested in gardening and seek advice. Shahid Hussain Wahabpur Union Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Abu Hussain Sajal said he regularly advises and encourages farmers to cultivate modern fruits. He advises what can be done to get a good yield and keep the garden free from insects and fungi. As a result, Gafur Gazi, a farmer from Rooppur, has benefited by cultivating dragon and malt.


Sadar Upazila Agriculture Officer. Bahauddin Sheikh said that the soil is very suitable for the dragon, malt and other modern fruits in the palace. At present Malta has 8 hectares of land and Dragon has 4 hectares of land. As it is a high-value crop and profitable, its cultivation is gradually increasing in Rajbari.

Many are now benefiting from mixed orchards. In Malta and Dragon cultivation they always advise the farmers to be vigilant. Although the initial cost of cultivating dragon fruit is high, there is no cost other than balanced and organic fertilizer.In addition, additional income can be earned by planting other vegetables in the dragon garden. The loamy soil of Rajbari is suitable for cultivating dragons and malt. As a result, orange cultivation has also started in Rajbari. Orange yield will also be good in the future.

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