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Croatia -Tourist Visa,Work Permit Visa, immigration All About

Croatia -Tourist Visa,Work Permit Visa, immigration All About

Croatia is a state on the continent of Europe. Its official name is the Republic of Croatia. Its capital is Zagreb.
Croatia is located in the center of southeastern Europe. It is bordered by Hungary to the northeast, Serbia to the east, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro to the southeast.

★ Population: Around 61 lakhs
Area: 56,594 sq. Km.
Per capita income:, 15,355 (2007 estimate)
Currency: kuna (HRK)

At present, Croatia tops the list of most preferred visas for our Bangladeshi citizens. The most interesting thing is that most people in Bangladesh did not know that there is a country in the European Union called Croatia until the last World Cup football game started.

So far, Croatia is at the top of the list of non-Shenzhen countries in the European Union. Croatia has been able to bring them to the top in a very short time. By mid-2021, Croatia has the potential to become a shenzhen. They are already working to convert the Croatian currency into the euro. The lion’s share of their income comes from the tourist sector. Croatia is a very beautiful country, and because of that a lot of tourists come here from different countries of the world.
Apart from tourists, a large part of their income comes from agriculture and business establishments.

Croatia -Tourist Visa,

Literacy rate in Croatia is above 75%. Their official language is “Croatian”.
Although their official language is Croatian, the new generation is quite proficient in English. However, people in all European countries prefer their own language. So the sooner he can come here on a work visa or study visa from any country and learn the language, the sooner he can move forward.

Croatia -Tourist Visa,Work Permit Visa

What can Croatia be like for a Bangladeshi or a foreign worker?

urrently, all visa categories are open in Croatia. You can change the visa if you want to come to any visa.
E.g.Work permit from tourist or work permit from student etc. etc.

Getting a job in Croatia is easier than in other EU non-Schengen countries, and the minimum wage here is set at 543 euros. So you understand that you can easily earn more than 50 thousand rupees by doing any work. Moreover, most of the companies here also provide room and health insurance for their employees.

Moreover, you can change your company at any time if you want, in which case no company can force you.
If you want to stay in Croatia legally for 1 year, you can bring your wife (if married) from the country without any hassle.
Croatia will give 1 year card after first arrival, then 2 years, then 2 years again. After a total stay of 5 years, you will get Croatian citizenship or passport. After getting the passport, you can go to 139 countries of the world without visa.
Moreover, when you become a Croatian passport holder, you can stay in any country of Europe with your family for the rest of your life without any hassle.

Croatia  immigration

How to get to Croatia:

Student Visa:
If you want to come on student visa, you have to pass minimum HSC. So far not all universities require IELTS. You will not get admission in a good quality university without IELTS. However, it is possible to get a visa without IELTS.

Job Visa:
If you want to come on a job visa, you must first apply for a visa at the Croatian Embassy with a work permit from a company. Since the current visa ratio in Croatia is high, I think it would be wise to come to Croatia. Because it is certain that Croatia will be the first Shenzhen.

Tourist visa: It is more difficult to get a tourist visa than a student or job visa. Because to apply for a tourist visa you have to follow a lot of requirements. Moreover, if you apply for a tourist visa, you must be able to prove that you will go and return to the country. Only then is it possible to get a tourist visa. Although I will request everyone not to bring tourist visa for work purpose. Because if you don’t come back to the country on a tourist visa, the visa ratio will go down later. The honor of one’s own country is lost

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