Japan work permit visa for bangladeshi

Japan work permit visa for bangladeshi Bangladesh is the ninth country to be sent to Japan. This created the opportunity to send specialized skilled workers to 14 sectors in Japan. Skilled workers will get the opportunity to go to Japan at no cost. Japan also has more income opportunities than other countries. The economically developed … Read more

Malaysia work permit visa for bangladeshi

malaysia work permit visa for bangladeshi  Malaysia has expressed interest in hiring workers from Bangladesh free of cost. In this case, Bangladeshi workers can go to Malaysia only with airfare and medical expenses. A Malaysian delegation is coming this month to discuss the matter with Dhaka. Malaysia’s Human Resources Minister M Kulasigaran was quoted as … Read more

Qatar work permit visa from Bangladeshi

Qatar work permit visa from Bangladeshi. Qatar will take workers from Bangladesh at all costs. Secretary at the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment, Selim Reza, said that Qatari employers are keen to hire workers from Bangladesh in the coming days, even though it currently costs a maximum of Tk 1.80 lakh to go … Read more

Passport to japan-Japan Immigration- Japan Work Permit Visa

passport to japan Japan is concerned about declining population. The country has already started the process of recruiting manpower from outside. About 6 million houses have been abandoned due to the population crisis.There are no people to take care of 6 million abandoned houses. As a result, no government revenue is coming from there. Huge … Read more