Canada Immigration For Skilled People-Moving To Canada

Canada Immigration For Bangladeshi This is the first drive-through Halloween in Toronto, I saw the news on the CP24 channel. On this beautiful autumn afternoon, the whole city is just a play of colors, colorful leaves, and Halloween. But what seems to be a depression around everyone’s mind  Toronto, Canada, Bangladesh, America, including this depression … Read more

Job Abroad Without Experience

Job Abroad Without Experience How To Get Job Abroad Without Experience.  Read on to find out how you can find work abroad without experience in 2021. Are You Looking Job Abroad? Here You Found a foreign job. and International Job circular and Related All Information. working abroad opportunities Tips, Tricks and Circular Found Here. How … Read more

Diversity Lottery (DV Lottery) USA Immigration Citizenship

US President Joe Biden has introduced legislation to reform immigration, which would increase the numbers of foreign specialists working in the country who could eventually gain citizenship. It could also, in the long term, see citizenship achieved by the 10-12 million undocumented immigrants living in the US. The proposals would also speed up the granting … Read more

Technical Colleges and Polytechnic Recruited-University Job

Technical Colleges and Polytechnic Recruited The government has decided to recruit about 12,600 posts in technical colleges and polytechnics in three fiscal years to expand career-oriented education in the country. A total of 12,606 posts including 1,081 cadre posts and 11,546 non-cadre posts in the technical education sector have been sent to the Prime Minister’s … Read more

How to Get Jordan Work Permit Visa | Work Visa Requirements in Jordan

How to Get Jordan Work Permit Visa Jordan has announced the official recruitment of garment workers in low cost 2021. Recruitment of skilled female workers in Jordan Garments (Needle Craft) and recruitment of skilled male workers in Jordan Garments (Classic). Official interviews will be conducted directly for the recruitment of skilled female workers in Jordan’s … Read more

Students will get a work permit (permanent citizenship) in Canada

Canada is going to allow foreign students to work anew. Applications will be accepted from January 26 under the new work permit program. The application will continue till July 28. Foreign postgraduate students can work for up to three years after graduation under the Work Permit program in Canada. This program is seen as a … Read more

US Embassy job 2021-United State of AmericaJob Online Application

US Embassy job 2021 US Embassy  Job Circular 2021 has been published on the official website by their authority. Are You Build Your Career At USA embassy? Congratulations! You are now Right Place. Today We are Happy To Announce That US Embassy  Today Published a Big Opportunity For Job seekers who Want To Build … Read more

Top 6 scholarships in the world for the free study Application Started

Many go abroad to study for higher education. Universities around the world offer free scholarships to foreign students to study for free. This time, six scholarships will be discussed which will not cost a single penny from the pocket of the students. There are many scholarships abroad. Many people think that some of them are … Read more

Opportunity to Gain Citizenship in the United States!

USA Immigration Opportunity to Gain Citizenship in the United States! More than 850,000 young people, including more than 40,000 Bangladeshis, found their way to live in the United States permanently. A directive from former President Barack Obama has been reinstated after a federal court in New York overturned another non-American move by President Donald Trump. … Read more

USA DV-2023 | USA Green Card Lottery | Diversity Visa Lottery

USA DV-2023 What is a US Green Card? A Green Card holder (permanent resident) is an individual that has been granted authorization to work and live on a permanent basis in the United States. How many immigrant visas will be issued? each year 50,000 immigrant visas will be made available to the qualified applicants in … Read more