Permanent residency golden visa Work permit Visa in europe- EU Blue Card

Farid Ahmed Patwari, from Portugal: Europe is a rich continent with thousands of years of history and heritage. Not only is Europe rich in history; At the same time, they have been able to improve their economy. In fact, various wars have enriched themselves through revolutions. The biggest shock was World War II. Permanent residency … Read more

Top 10 Luxury Cars In The World

Top 10 Luxury Cars In The World New cars come in the market every year. The world’s leading car manufacturers are fighting for the place of excellence by making a formal announcement. Let’s find out about the 12 most expensive luxury cars in the world.  বিস্তারিত: ছবি সহ বিস্তারিত জানতে নিচের দিকে স্ক্রল করুন 1. … Read more

Students will get a work permit (permanent citizenship) in Canada

Canada is going to allow foreign students to work anew. Applications will be accepted from January 26 under the new work permit program. The application will continue till July 28. Foreign postgraduate students can work for up to three years after graduation under the Work Permit program in Canada. This program is seen as a … Read more

Canada Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program 2021 – Application Form

Canada Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program 2021 Job application in Canada Pilot Program started, will last 3 years. Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories. Yukon is one of these 3 territories. Canada’s 3 territories are located in the north of the country. Yukon in northwestern Canada. The weather in the territories is very cold. The … Read more

Canada to target over 400,000 immigrantion per year

Canada to target over 400,000 immigrants per year Canada will aim to welcome 401,000 immigrants in 2021, another 411,000 in 2022, and 421,000 in 2023.  Today, Canada announced its 2021-2023 immigration level plan. Canada will see the highest level of immigration in its history.Over the next three years, Canada will aim to welcome the following … Read more

Itali immigration-How to get Italian Visa

Itali immigratio The Italian government has announced its immigration policy this year. Although Bangladesh has been blacklisted for several years, this year Bangladesh has been included in it.There is a clause in the announcement for investors. Any person or organization from Italy or outside the European Union investing 500,000 euros in Italy will be granted … Read more