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Canada Immigration

Canada Immigration

The Canadian government plans to take in more than 1.2 million immigrants over the next three years. The decision was taken by the country’s immigration minister on Friday with the aim of filling the labor shortage in the labor market and reviving the economy, which has collapsed due to the coronavirus.Speaking to reporters in the capital Ottawa, Immigration Minister Marco Mendisino said the central government’s goal is to have 4 lakh 1 thousand permanent immigrants by 2021. Besides, the target is to take 4 lakh 11 thousand permanent immigrants in 2022 and 4 lakh 21 thousand in 2023.”Canada needs more workers,” he said.Canada Immigration 

Canada Immigration 2021

“Our government’s goal was to move the economy forward by taking in immigrants before Corona came,” he said. Now it has become very necessary. ”Robert Felconer, a researcher on refugee and immigration policy at the University of Calgary School of Public Policy, said in a tweet on Friday that if the government met the target in the next three years, there would be a record number of refugees since 1911.Canada Immigration 2023

Canada Immigration 2022

The Canadian government has also released a detailed outline of new immigrant acceptance. It has been said that 2 lakh 32 thousand 500 new skilled workers will be taken in 2021 who can contribute to the economy.At the same time, 1 lakh 3 thousand 500 people will be taken as family members of the immigrants who are already staying in Canada. 59,500 people will be taken from refugees and other war-torn areas. And 5,500 people will be taken as part of humanitarian aid.Canada Immigration 2022

Canada Immigration 2023

Immigrants have long been accepted by the Canadian government. Historically, the country has had skilled workers as well as refugees and family members of those who are in Canada.Canada has blocked all entry to the country since March this year due to the Kavid-19 epidemic. As a result, most immigrants are also trapped.According to Reuters, less than half of Canada’s 341,000 immigrants were expected to enter the country by 2020.Canada Immigration 2021

Canada Immigration law

The imposition of various restrictions on corona has led to growing inequalities and long-term problems in Canada’s immigration process.Many asylum seekers and refugees are at risk of working in very risky situations at work. Important sectors in Canada such as healthcare, food processing and agriculture are increasingly dependent on migrant workers. Working in these workplaces is more risky.Canada Immigration law 

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