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Canada immigration Process

Now is the best opportunity for immigration aspirants in Canada. 2019 may be the year of fulfilling that dream. Because, the process of settling permanently in Canada has been made much easier than before. The country will take 1 million skilled workers by 2020. This will allow them to live and work there permanently and get citizenship. Ahmed Hussein, Canada’s immigration minister, said recently.

This opportunity has been created under 60 types of programs in other categories including High Skilled, Family Migration, Trade Skilled. Looking at the downward trend of CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points, it is expected that even with the lowest points this year, there will be an opportunity to apply in Canada.

It is learned that in 2018, 2019 and 2020, that is, in three years, the government of Canada has set a target of recruiting more than one million professionals in different sectors in different provinces. Of these, 2 lakh 7 thousand immigrants have been permanently recognized by Canada.

In this case, the country is currently taking people in ten positions. The 10 positions that can be accessed quickly are: Sales Representative, Accountant, Engineering Project Manager, Business Analyst, Customer Service Representative, IT Project Manager, Senior Account Manager, Software Engineer and Manufac. Other skilled professionals can also apply.

Therefore, like other countries of the world, the experienced professionals of Bangladesh can also apply for any one of the 10 posts. Generally, more applications are received from Bangladesh through express entry and PNP.

Meanwhile, wise lawyers can be consulted to find out if you have the necessary qualifications to become a citizen of Canada.

Note that Canada always conducts immigration activities on a first come first serve basis. According to Bill C-6 of Canada, you have to live in the country for at least 3 years out of 5 years to apply for citizenship. Before that it was 4 out of 6 years.

In addition, those who have a temporary status in Canada, that is, a work or study permit, will be able to calculate their stay in Canada as part of a 3-year period.

Sheikh Salahuddin Ahmed, an international immigration law expert and advocate for the Bangladesh Supreme Court, said a full biodata, family information, at least a diploma or degree pass, IELTS, ECA certificate, at least two years of work experience, and a certificate of bank experience are usually required to apply for immigration to Canada. , Medical report, police clearance etc.

You can even apply online. However, there is no benefit in applying without a job offer. After determining whether you are eligible to apply, you have to create a profile, submit the required documents within the stipulated time and wait for the lottery or draw. But first of all you need a job offer. In other words, there is a guarantee that you will get a job according to your qualifications after entering Canada.

Advocate Sheikh Salahuddin Ahmed further said that basically any diploma holder or degree holder skilled and experienced professionals can take advantage of the opportunity. If Bangladeshis process files quickly and efficiently from the beginning, they are sure to get this visa in a short time.

The international immigration law expert, who has a long history of working with Canadian immigration law, added that those who are actually qualified should not be delayed any longer. The lawyer also requested the ineligible persons not to tarnish the image of the country by making unnecessary appeals.

Anyone interested in learning more about immigration to Canada and for a free assessment can contact an international immigration law expert and this lawyer from the Bangladesh Supreme Court.

Those interested can also send their full CV to For details visit this website

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