How can the card information be corrected?

1. Q: How can the card information be corrected?
Answer: NID Registration Wing / Upazila / Thana / District Election Office will have to apply for correction of incorrect information. Sufficient proper documents should be linked to the application for amendment.

2. Q: Will any record be kept on the card if it is corrected?
Answer: All correction records are stored in the Central database.

3. Q. What certification should be submitted for correcting if the father / husband / mother is wrongly mentioned as dead?
Answer: In order to correct identity card, the person’s identity card should be submitted if the living parent / husband / mother is wrongly mentioned as dead.

4. Q: I am unmarried. My card is written without the father and the husband is written. How can it be fixed?
Answer: At the concerned upazila / thana / district election office, you will have to apply with proof of non-marriage.

How can the card information be corrected?

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5. Q: What is the process of appending husband’s name after marriage?
Answer: Attached photocopies of Niknahnama and husband ID card will be filed with NID Registration Wing / concerned upazila / thana / district election office.

6. Question: The divorce has been done. Now the name of the husband will be omitted from the ID card?
Answer: The marriage voucher document (Taluknama) will be attached to the NID Registration Wing / concerned Upazila / Thana / District Election Office.

7. Question: How can we attach the name of the present husband in the name of the previous husband’s name, after getting married after marriage?
Answer: First marriage will be filed by filing a divorce and subsequent marriage, Kabiniamasaha amendment form.

8. Q: I want to change my career but how can I do it?
Answer: You must submit authentic papers to NID registration wing / upazila / district election office. Note, this information is not printed on the ID card.

9. Q: My ID card photo is unclear, what needs to be done to change the picture?
Answer: In this case, you should apply directly to the national identity registration department.

10. Q. What documents should be submitted with the application to correct spelling of the name of the person / father / husband / mother?
Answer: The attested copy of the SSC / equivalent certificate, birth certificate, passport, citizenship certificate, job certificate, Nikahnma, father / husband / mother’s national identity card has to be submitted.

11. Q. What documents should be submitted with the application for correction if registered with your own nickname or other name?
Answer: SSC / equivalent certificate, attested copy of wife / husband’s national identity card for marriage, affidavit in magistrates’ court and notification in national newspaper, warrant certificate, union / municipal or city corporation, your name related certificates

12. Q: What certificates do you want to mention if your father / mother is referred to as ‘dead’?
Answer: If you want to mention the father / mother / husband dead, you must submit the dead certificate.

13. Q: How can the address change / amend?
Answer: Only due to habitat change, the application for change of address will be made in the Upazila / Thana Election Office of the area that is currently residing in Form 13. However, if there is a change or address information or spelling mistakes in the same voter area, then the application of general amendment will be applied in the application form.

14. Question: I am very old and very poor due to old allowance or any other allowance. But not getting any official benefits as a result of not having a specific age. If people increase the age of the ID card then those allowances can be found?
Answer: Changes without the age proof document given in the ID card are not possible. It is to be noted that action is taken against the investigative documents and investigations conducted by the investigation.

15. Q: How can the parents / mother’s name be written in different ways in the same family card?
Answer: All documents of the card and the details of the card will be filed with NID Registration Wing / Upazila / District Election Office with adequate proof documents.

16. Q: I have written an SSC or an additional educational qualification without knowing it, but now what is the way to amend my age or other information?
Answer: You did not pass the SSC in the magistrates’ court, you can correct it if you filed an affidavit and filed an affidavit in the wrong way.

17. Q: There is another person’s information in the ID card. How can this error be corrected?
Answer: Representing adequate documents for correcting wrong information, apply to NID Registration Wing / concerned upazila / thana / district election office. In this case, after correct verification of biometric, the correction will be processed.

18. Q. What is to be done to include blood group or amendment?
Answer: To determine whether or not to modify blood group, blood group has to submit a diagnostic report.

19. Q: What is the process of changing age / birth date?
Answer: The attested photocopy of SSC or equivalent examinations will be submitted with the application. If the SSC or equivalent certificate is not received, then all the documents will be submitted for proper age. After the application, the matter will be amended to determine if necessary, according to the medical examination.

20. Q: Want to change signature, how can I?
Answer: The application should be attached with the acceptance of the new signature, along with the acceptable certificate. But the signature can be changed once.


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