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BOESL Korea EPS TOPIK Registration 2019

BOESL Korea EPS Topik Registration 2019 Bangladesh

BOESL Korea EPS Topik Registration 2019 Bangladesh. Looking For Korean Lottery For Bangladesh 2019?  EPS Topik 2019 Which Notice Published on www eps go kr bd Official Website. Bangladesh Korean Lottery Registration Will be Held on Find out how to travel to South Korea with a valid work visa in 2019 and earn two lakhs per month in the EPS EPS visa to know more about Korea. If you do not get any foreigner to work abroad or to spend 5/6 lakhs in any agency. Though it seems unrealistic in Bangladesh, the truth is true. Please mention the details for those who want to go to Korea at low cost for work permit or Korea Lottery Visa. Read the full text and learn the details. or BOESL SOUTH KOREA REGISTRATION AND BOESL RESULT 2019


south korea lottery 2019

What is the EPS visa?
EPS or Employment Permit System Visa, because the Ministry of Labor’s Ministry of Labor has continued the visa program for conducting inefficient labor from different countries through the HRD branch. Under the EPS system, the contract between the government of Bangladesh and the government of Korea was signed in 2007. As a result, the Korean government has been taking unskilled workers from Bangladesh every year since 2008. According to the agreement, the Korea government takes about two to three thousand workers every year from Bangladesh. Under the EPS system, the government of Korea every year to take indecent labor from 15 countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam) Online circulars are available online.

South Korea Lottery Circular 2019.

It is to be noted that only Bangladesh Overseas and Employment Services Limited or Boseel E can send Manpower to Korea on EPS visa through a specific process from Bangladesh. No other organization or brokerage cycle can be sent in any way. KOREAN REGISTRATION FORM: BOESL REGISTRATION 2019

South Korea work visa Lottery 2019 Online Registration

Steps to go to Korea: Way to go to South Korea via Boiseel on EPS visa.
If you want to officially go to Korea on a work visa of 80,000 to 1, 20 thousand taka, then you have to follow the following steps gradually. If you can finish the step by step of these methods, you can go to work-office only in South Korea.
1) Korea Visas Online Registration Circulation
2. Online application on the day after the circular has been published
3) Korea Lottery Result Announcement as per the quoted quota by lottery for the online application
4) Registration of the winner of the Korea Lottery with the fees set by Bangladesh Overseas Limited Boisel.
5) The registration of the applicants in Korea registered for registration will be done.
6) Examine the physical skills of the passers-by in language examinations
Language test and proficiency test results announced.
7) Job roster with HRD Korea, who passed the examination
8) Job offers from Jobcentre companies included in Job Rosters
9) To participate in 4/5 day training from Bangladesh Korea Institute of Technical Education
10) Must take part in medical tests through Boiseel
11) To withdraw one lakh rupees for a one lakh rupees refundable deposit, you will have to make a bank draft in order to secure one lakh rupees in Boiseel’s account.
12) On the scheduled day, traveling to Korea by plane to Korea. BOESL LOTTERY RESULT 2019



Official website:

Application Start: 11 March 2020

Application End: 12 March 2020

  • Applicants have to be skilled in the Korean language,
  • Applicants ‘birth year have to 18-39 Year
  • Applicants have not been a criminal,
  • Applicants have to permitted to go out of Bangladesh any time,
  • Applicants have to register by MRP (Machine Readable Passport),
  • Applicants have to input applicant’s full name, date of birth, passport no, scanned copy of the photo (45-60KB) & mobile number, etc.

Korea Visa Online Registration EPS-TOPIK CBT

After completed primary registration if applicants cross more than 8400 then 8th March at 12:30 Lottery will be held by the Computerized system. By the lottery EPS, TOPIK CBT exam candidates will be selected. For final registration after lottery result candidates will submit main passport copy along 2 copies color picture physically to BOESL office on 10-26 March.

Application link:




BOESL Korea EPS TOPIK Registration 2019
BOESL Korea EPS TOPIK Registration 2019

EPS TOPIK Registration 2019 Bangladesh

EPS and Boisele (BOESL) have advertisements for registration of Korean language examinations in their web site and online registration of South Korea jobs in various newspapers of Bangladesh. After publication of this advertisement, candidates can register online at Boiseel ( or EPS ( with their passport number and other information. You do not have to spend any money to apply. If you want yourself or anyone on your computer can register yourself. At the end of registration you will give a confirmation form that will keep printing. BOESL SOUTH KOREA REGISTRATION AND BOESL RESULT 2019

How To Apply EPS-Topic CBT Online RegistrationBoesl Registration SELECTION PROCEDURE:

1. Must have a valid passport.
2. Age of 18-39 years
3. None of those who were internally severely punished under state directive
4. Who was never sent back from the South Korean port of government agency or was not ordered to leave the country
5. There is no problem with which there is no restriction or go
6. The color blindness of the color of the color of the wrinkles can be examined by persons with physical problems, but during the second round exam, the interviewer will decide whether the customer will be finally selected for his performance.
7. The person who lived in the country for less than 3 or 5 years
8. No type of money to apply. BOESL REGISTRATION 2019

Korean EPS Topik Registration Result 2019

The first round examinations will be held from 10 March to 12 March, 5 in the morning on March 11
2. Boiseel Registration Website:
3. The names of the lottery recipients were published on the 19th of this month
4. The final registration is from March 22 to 31, from 9am to 5pm
5. Declaration of Schedule Schedule: April 8, 2019
6. Events from April 15 to June 25, 2019
7. IPS Topic Results Revealed 5 July 2019
Please press the link below to see the date and details of all the rules and exams with details of the application.
Here >>>>>>>>>>>> click here BOESL LOTTERY RESULT 2019
The correct and canceled picture sample from HR Korea is mentioned below

Korean Lottery for Bangladesh 2019 EPS TOPIK Korea Lottery

Candidates will not be allowed to participate in the exams if they do not recognize the pictures

The sample form for the primary registration for the exam will be given below, through a sample form

Please press the link below to see the date and details of all the rules and exams with details of the application.
Here >>>>>>>>>>>> click here BOESL BD – HRD KOREA: – KOREAN LOTTERY FOR BANGLADESH 2019

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