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Bitac Training Center For Uneployment People

Employment without training – There are number of unemployed people in the country by providing training to those educated and uneducated unemployed people. Bangladesh Industrial Tech Assistance Center (Betak). Bitak training means job Every year hundreds of thousands of unemployed jobs are getting through the company.

Bitac Training Center For Uneployment People

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It is known that in the expansion of the work of Betak, self-employment creation and training under poverty alleviation (sepa) project, most of the workers are now job-seekers. Since 2009, more than 20,000 unemployed people have got jobs under training in this project.

There is no separate test to get the job through bitcaps. After a 3 month training, a Job Fair was held in Beata. There the officials of various organizations come and pick them up for their demanding candidates. At the end of the training, appointment letters of employment to those trainees were also handed over to the certificates.

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