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Best luxury Hotels In The World-80 lakh One Night Rent

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The Empathy Suite Sky Villa | Palms

Habitat is one of the basic human rights. Be it home or hotel. But the amazing thing is that if you stay in a hotel for one night, you have to pay 60 lakh! If you know this, maybe your eyes will rise on the forehead of many. Although unbelievable, it is true that there are hotels like this where if you want to stay one night, you have to pay 60 lakh tk.

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Let’s not know which hotel?

The Palm’s Empathy Suite Hotel in Las Vegas, USA, where a one-night stay costs around Rs 6 million. Even two years ago it was not in the top ten on the list of most expensive hotel suites. Over the past two years, 790 million has been spent on renovating this suite at the Palm’s Hotel. Designed by British architect Damien Hurst, the hotel suite is now a heavenly room on earth. Because, when you enter this huge suite of 9,000 square feet, it may seem that you have entered not the hotel, but the artist’s work of art!

Hotel in Las Vegas

Best Luxury Hotels In The World

most expensive hotel in the world

Palm’s Empathy Suite Hotel in Las Vegas

Empathy Suite Hotel in Las Vegas

Built over a large space, it has only two bedrooms, a salt relaxation room, a massage table, a lovely jacuzzi, a balcony with a beautiful swimming pool, and two bathrooms. Wondering, what is the cost behind it? Its cost is entirely on its makeup. The whole suite is decorated with the most luxurious furniture in the world. There are all the famous paintings of famous painters. Each glass of wine in the minibar of the suite costs hundreds of dollars! Floor carpets are also the most expensive in the whole of America and Europe. If you want to stay overnight in this artistic suite, you have to pay 1 lakh dollars!

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