The Bangladesh Technical Education Board BTEB Jobs Circular 2017


BTEB Details:

The Bangladesh Technical Education Board was established in 1 st of 1967 by the Parliamentary Technical Education Act. In Bangladesh, the overall responsibility for formulating, controlling, evaluating and developing standards of technical and vocational education and training is entrusted to the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. The Department of Technical Education, Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh, conducts all the polytechnics of the country centrally. All academic, administrative and developmental activities are carried out under the direct supervision of a Principal with the Principal. [1] Purpose:

Polytechnic Institute (English: Polytechnic Institute) is a technical institution, where academic and vocational education, as well as it was applied. It is managed under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. Bangladesh Technical Education Board operated under the siksakramagulo the Diploma in Engineering, Diploma in Textile Engineering, Diploma in Agriculture, Diploma in Forestry, Diploma in Marine Technology, Diploma in Health Technology, AESC (business management), HSC (Vocational) and SSC (Vocational) . Under the board, four (4) year-old curriculum is conducted. The four-year curriculum is divided into eight (8) episodes, which are called semitists. One semester’s working day is 16-18 weeks. As a result, every year’s working day is 32-36 weeks. After completion of the scheduled work day, the paragraph test is held.

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The Bangladesh Technical Education Board BTEB Jobs Circular 2017

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The faculty of the mineral resources in accordance with the recommendations of the BMW 006 in the draft coal policy Polytechnic Institute began operations.

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The 15 etiaite Diploma-in-Agriculture (4-year) courses in reading

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