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Change in immigration to Australia, opportunity for permanent residence for Bangladeshis

Australia is making significant changes to immigration. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration has already prepared and published a revised and new list of professional skills for FY 2017-18. It will be effective from July 1.

According to the new list, people skilled in various professions will have the opportunity to immigrate to Australia with their families. This opportunity is open to almost all countries of the world including Bangladesh.

International Migration Organization World Wide Migration Consultants Limited Chairman and Bangladesh Supreme Court lawyer. Sheikh Salahuddin Ahmed Raju said there are special opportunities for immigrants in Australia who specialize in information technology, accounting and finance, marketing or sales, bankers, doctors, engineers, university teachers, farmers, nurses or any other profession.

As seen on the Australian government website, new jobs have been added to the list. Again, some have been left out. Click on the official website of Australia to see the country’s announcement on immigration and the changed list of occupations.

According to the Australian Government website, the primary qualifications to apply include educational qualifications, which are associated with job skills. There is also a difference in the IELTS score of the English language proficiency test. IELTS has a minimum limit of four and a half to eight. Click here to view information on the Australian Immigration website on linguistic issues.

Immigration to South Australia
The state of South Australia is also experiencing immigration. For this reason, the immigration application system for the state of South Australia will be closed from June 30. The opportunity to apply for immigration will be re-introduced on July 4 as soon as the list of changed professions comes into effect.

Click on the official website of the state of immigration in the state of South Australia.

The changed list will benefit certain occupations. In some professions, the English proficiency and job experience conditions have changed a bit. For example, applying for an offshore visa with a technical career and applying for a nomination in the state of South Australia will require more skill than before. In this case now it will take 60 points. Other conditions for state nomination remain the same. However, the new law will not apply if an applicant graduates from South Australia or has work experience there.

Permanent immigration of physicians to Australia

Australia tops the list of doctors’ choices around the world for permanent immigration. Physicians can take up permanent immigration to Australia in three categories: Clinical, Non-Clinical and Skill Migration.

Click on the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration website to see the information needed for permanent immigration to the country as a physician.https: // -medical

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