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Are you thinking of becoming a Canadian immigrant

Are you thinking of becoming a Canadian immigrant? Wondering how to handle this? You have the opportunity to think that a class of fraudsters, dishonest immigration businessmen, unqualified self-proclaimed ‘professional consultants and brokers’ are taking money from people expecting immigration in the name of seminars, workshops, immigration, service charges. Can? When contacted by Sheikh Salahuddin Ahmed, an international immigration law expert and advocate of the Bangladesh Supreme Court to find out the answer to this question, he said that the most important questions for skilled migration to Canada are: –

1. What qualifications are required to apply?
2. Do you have those qualifications?
3. If not, what are the partial deficits and how to overcome them?

Canada is a bilingual country. English and French are the official languages ​​of the country. One of the richest countries in the world, this country has a lot of opportunities to work and a nice living environment. As a Canadian citizen you can also take citizenship of other countries of the world at the same time. Income tax is paid only on money earned in Canada. Education in Canada is funded directly by the federal and provincial governments. Free education in public schools up to 18 years. If you have a language impairment as a new immigrant, the government will arrange language education for you. For those who want to start a new business, there is a loan facility of at least C 250,000. If you have difficulty getting a job as a new immigrant or are unable to work due to illness, there are various financial benefits provided by the government. Generally, about 98% of the medical expenses can be met with the financial benefits provided by the government. Immigration programs can be broadly divided into the following sections.

1. Economic Immigrants
There are a total of 8 sub-categories. Among them are Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trade, Provincial Nominee Class and Canadian Experience Class. The most popular program in Express Entry. In the last draw on January 30, 2019, 3,350 people got ITA. The lowest CRS score was only 436. By 2016, a total of 21,000 people have received ITA. 3500-4000 skilled immigrants are invited to come every fortnight through express entry. ITA is an invitation to apply, i.e. the opportunity to apply as a PR from the express entry pool. Applicants with at least a graduate, above 2 years of work experience, at least 7.5 in IELTS. However, the Government of Canada places special importance on 10 professionals on a priority basis. Occupations include Sales Representative, Accountant, Engineering, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Customer Service Representative, IT Project Manager, Senior Account Manager, Software Engineer and Manufacturing. Apart from this, other skilled professionals can also apply. The file can be confirmed if a confirmed job offer.

A pilot program similar to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is being introduced in Northern Ontario very soon. In all provinces except Saskatchewan, only those applying for express entry or who have a valid Canadian job offer or who are working in Canada as a temporary foreign worker or international student are being nominated. All other provinces, including Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island, are nominating people who know French or who have a Canadian professional license or who have siblings in Canada.

2. Family class:
If one of the close relatives is a permanent resident of Canada, he or she can sponsor other members of his or her family. But keep in mind that the process is long-term and complex. In this process, in 2019, 20,000 parents or the previous generation will be able to come. This process started in 2016 through lottery process with only 5000 quota.

3. Student Visa:
Canada has made visas for international students much easier. The government has taken various steps so that they can get jobs very quickly after completing their studies and become PRs. Canada will issue at least 5,000 international student visas in 2019, according to the IRCC. In this regard, first you have to select the university and accept the offer letter. Then you have to apply for a study permit. There is no such thing as a student visa in Canada. You have to apply for a visa called ETA. However, no study permit is required for any program for a period of less than 6 months. Such visas require a good IELTS score in addition to the financial capacity.

5. Tourist Visa:
About 35 million people visit Canada each year. There are two types of tourist visas. Single entry and multipole entry. With a maximum 10 year multiple visa. However, they can stay together for up to 6 months. It usually takes about 3 weeks to issue a visa. On-line and on-paper applications can be made through these two. All the documents required to apply are:
2 copies of freshly taken color photograph (passport size, white background, matte paper lab print).
– Passport valid for 6 months.
– Photocopy of pages 1 and 2 of the passport (if you have an old passport, you must take it with you).
– After the national

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