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All you need to know about the level of education required for DV lottery

All you need to know about the level of education required for DV lottery
Some DV lottery instructions can confuse even the smartest person. In fact, there are only two main requirements to participate in the green card lottery: your country of birth and education / work experience. We have already talked about the country in a previous article and now we want to focus in more detail on education / work experience.

So, what are the requirements for education or work experience to participate in the DV lottery program?
There are two options, you must have: (a) a high school education, or the equivalent of 12 years of long-term education in an American high school, or (b) no less than two years of work experience in the last 5 years for at least two years in a profession Requires years of training or experience.
Many participants felt that both requirements needed to be met. That’s wrong! You only need to qualify for one of them, not both: you don’t need any education if you have work experience.
There is also a common misconception that all adult family members (derivatives) included in the lottery form also need to meet these requirements. Don’t worry! These requirements are only for major participants who submit DV lottery applications.

Variety Education requirements for visa lottery
Achieving high quality immigration flows in the United States is a key reason for this need. Since immigrants are all over the world, the United States needs to set some level in positions that can be compared to other countries. It is important to know which education is equivalent to US high school education. The term “high school” is confusing because it can mean different things in different countries. This level means you have graduated from a high school and qualified to enter a university (college). We’ve collected data for different countries, equivalent to a high school diploma in the United States, to meet your education needs, but you can easily find and understand.

What about the higher education requirements for the green card lottery?

There is often a misunderstanding among those who have a bachelor’s / master’s degree: Do you need a high school diploma? There is no definite answer here. Because in some countries it is possible to get a bachelor’s / master’s degree without completing 12 years of primary and secondary education. Of course it makes sense to assume that any bachelor’s degree can compensate for an incomplete 12-year level, but U.S. consular officers can be formal about looking at high school level evidence.

Qualify for the Vocational Education DV Lottery Program?
Vocational education does not qualify for the green card lottery. If you drop out of school and study in a vocational program such as plumbing or nursing, the time spent on that vocational training / education does not qualify for educational needs.
Hopefully this article will help you understand more about the educational requirements for participating in the lottery and in the next article we will focus more on the job requirements.

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