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All you have to do is get a Canadian visa

Visas are required for Bangladeshis to go to Canada, the country of maple leaves. VFS Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd. operates CVAC, Canada Visa Application Center in Bangladesh. Only the Canadian Visa Application Center has been allowed to accept visa applications. In addition to submitting visa applications, the distribution of passports and other documents is handled by the Visa Application Center of Canada. Also arranges schedule for visa interview if required. Immigration officials handle visa applications in accordance with Canada’s Immigrant Visa Act and guidelines, and there is no role for the CVS or the Canadian Visa Application Center in issuing visas.


Complaints must be made clearly by mentioning the name, contact address, etc. to make any visa related complaint. Receipt is received within one working day and full reply is given within three days.

Tourist visa
You need to apply for a tourist visa to go to Canada to travel or meet family members or friends. To meet children or grandchildren. A two-year Parent and Grand Parent Super Visa is issued if you are a Canadian citizen and have children or grandchildren living permanently.

Visa information
If you need to travel to Canada or go to another country through Canada, you will need a visa for Bangladeshis. Meanwhile, since 2013, fingerprints have been made mandatory for Bangladeshis traveling to Canada along with photographs.

Canadian tourist visa rules
Must have a valid passport. Must be in good health. Proof of being financially able to stay in Canada and return from there is to show employment, personal or family assets.
You are not allowed to enter Canada if you have a record of being involved in a human rights violation or crime.
You may also need a health examination and an application from someone based in Canada.

Multiple entry visas are issued if you need to travel to Canada repeatedly to visit business or family members.
Only one entry is allowed through a single entry visa.
Transit visas are issued if you need to stay in Canada for less than 48 hours for a flight break or flight change.
A signed consent form or consent form must be submitted with the visa application, without which VFS visa processing is not done.
A receipt is issued after the visa application is submitted. This receipt contains the tracking number which is used to know the progress of the online application.

Passport submission
After submitting the application, the Government of Canada will send a request letter for the submission of the passport. The passport along with the request letter will have to be submitted at the visa application center. The applicant himself or the authorized representative can go to the visa application center and submit the passport.

Passport Collection:
The applicant can collect the passport in person or through an authorized representative. Passports can also be collected from the Visa Office of Canada by checking the status through the website.

Procedure for submission of service charge
These services can only be paid in cash at the Canada Visa Application Center. Debit cards, credit cards or banks are not accepted.

Visa fee submission
The visa application fee can be submitted through a bank draft from Standard Chartered Bank. There is also a BRAC Bank booth at the VFS center from where bank drafts can be collected. For this you have to pay extra Tk. 270.30 as service charge. Bank drafts in Canadian dollars along with the “Receiver General for Canada” can also be made from any bank in Canada.

For security reasons, the visa application center has to follow certain rules:

No entry to the Visa Application Center with battery powered electronic devices such as camera, audio / video cassette, compact disc, MP3 player, floppy, laptop, portable music player etc.
Travel bags, backpacks, briefcases, suitcases, leather, jute or cloth bags etc. are not allowed to enter. Entry is allowed only with a plastic bag to take the visa application.

Cannot be entered with sealed packet or envelope. Match boxes, lighters or any other combustible material cannot be entered. Knives, scissors, sharp objects and weapons or explosives cannot be entered. Any other content that is considered a security threat may be barred from accessing it.

No one other than the applicant is allowed to enter, but the helper for the physically handicapped is allowed to enter, the translator can enter with the hearing impaired.

Visa Application Center

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