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Additional requirements for the green card lottery

Additional requirements for the green card lottery
Do you need any money in your bank account, do you need any job offer, age, language skills? And more.

In a previous article we wrote about the main requirements for participating in the DV lottery program. Today we want to talk about various additional criteria.

Variety Financial requirements for visa lottery
A big question: Do I need a certain amount of money in my bank account, if so, how much and how much do I need to prove my financial well-being? The answer is no, there is no financial requirement for applying for the DV lottery or issuing a visa. But you have to understand that you need money to go to the United States.
Minimum age and English level skills to participate in the DV lottery

People of any age can participate in the lottery, although the minimum educational requirements, which we described in detail in the previous article, effectively disqualify those under 18 in most cases.

There is also no requirement for knowledge of English language: you do not have to speak, read or write English to participate in the lottery. But living in the United States without English is quite difficult, so if you haven’t said it well enough, you should learn it.
Current status, relatives and other criteria
Even if you are already in the United States under a Visa, you are not yet a green card holder, but you are eligible for the DV lottery. You do not have to work in the United States and you do not need a job offer from an American employer.

You don’t have to be relatives in the United States, and it doesn’t matter if you have them.

So, you have no special things, money, relatives etc.
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