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9Th Pay Scale Related News

It’s been almost 3 years since the Pay Scale 20 has been issued. In the meantime, the government employees employed in the upward pressure of commodity prices. The letter, signed by the Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Division, has been sent to the Secretary, Ministry of Finance, for the application of the Bangladesh Secretariat Administrative Officer Welfare Association (8 Special Increment and 8th Pay Commission). A copy of the progress has been attached.

Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Cabinet Division

General Branch

Number:; Date: 4 December 25

Subject: Formation of three special increments and ninth pay commission of government officials and employees.

Source: Mr. Md. Enamul Haque, President, Bangladesh Secretariat Administrative Officer Welfare Association, Bangladesh Secretariat’s application dated 25-5-20.

In connection with the above, three special increments of government officials and employees were sent along with the attachment to take action in accordance with the application rules for setting up of the Ninth Pay Commission.

Attachment: Six leaves,(Mohammad Mizanur Rahman) Deputy secretary (resolution)

You can collect PDFs of the orders for the formation of three special increments and ninth pay commissions of government officials and employees: Download

Bangladesh Secretariat Administrative Officer Kalyan Samiti Facebook page also said that the notification was sent to various departments, departments and organizations in the ministry for payment of salary discrimination, payment of allowance, time scale and selection grade and to send ninth pay scale. The claims can be implemented. Therefore, all organizations concerned are requested to come forward.

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