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After 20 years, there will be no freedom fighter in the country, the minister said, 20 years after the freedom fighters will be difficult to find in this country. There will be a handful of freedom fighters. They can not uphold the spirit of the freedom fighter. That’s why the present Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has launched 30 percent quota for the freedom fighters, so that the freedom of the freedom fighters is upheld.

“The children of Rajakars are still found in police and different departments in the country. The administration can not be run with the children of this anti-liberation group. The administration and the history of the Liberation War will be destroyed if they go with them.


Shajahan Khan said to the children of the freedom fighters, you have got 30 percent quota for the job because Sheikh Hasina is in power. But to maintain your quota, there will be a strong movement in the country. In future, if the BNP-Jamaat comes to power then there will be no history of the freedom fighter quota, freedom fighters. In the forthcoming elections, they should not be won by the law, not by law, but by the vote.

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