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6 easy steps to get ePassport in Bangladesh

6 easy steps to get ePassport in Bangladesh

A passport is usually a type of travel document, usually issued by the government of a country. Passport confirms the identity and nationality of the citizen while traveling abroad. Some of the key information in a passport is the carrier’s name, photo, date of birth and location. Citizens of any country have the right to a passport. MRP or Machine Readable Passport has been introduced in Bangladesh since 2009. There has been a lot of discussion online and in the media about the introduction of e-passport for several years since the announcement of the current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Especially since the signing of an e-passport agreement with a German company in 2016, rumors of e-passport have been circulating. Although e-passport was supposed to be launched in July and November last year, it was delayed due to unavoidable reasons. However, putting an end to all speculations, the e-passport program got off to a good start on January 22, 2020. Activities have already started. E-gateways are being set up in the main exit centers of the country.

Today we will discuss how to get an e-passport in 5 easy steps. The steps are-

Step-1: Whether e-passport has been introduced in your area of ​​residence

The e-passport will not be available across the country as soon as the process is launched. Initially, e-passports were obtained only from Agargaon, Jatrabari and Uttara Passport Offices in Dhaka. However, e-passports will be available from passport offices across the country and all embassies abroad in phases. E-passports are already available in all parts of the country, including all passport offices in Dhaka. For information on your district and police station, visit this link:

Step-2: Fill in the online e-passport application form

If e-passport is introduced in your area then you can apply for e-passport. There are two procedures for applying. You can complete the application process online. Payment can be made from online gateway. In that case select the online payment option. You can also download a PDF form of the application form and fill it from the computer. The completed form should be printed along with the National Identity Card, old passport in case of re-issue, receipt of deposit and other documentary proof along with the passport office or embassy. To download the form visit:

6 easy steps to get ePassport in Bangladesh

One thing to keep in mind here is that handwritten forms will not be accepted.

Step-3: Pay the passport fee

You will need to pay a fixed fee to obtain a passport. If you fill up the online application form, the fee can be paid through the online payment gateway. Online payments can be made through Sonali Bank’s Payment Gateway and Bkash has been added for Visa, MasterCard, Q-Cash and Mobile Banking for credit or debit cards in the online payment system introduced so far. Remember that online payment will be applicable only for applications from Bangladesh.

In addition to online payments, e-passport fees can be submitted directly to Sonali Bank, One Bank, Premier Bank, Trust Bank, Dhaka Bank and Bank Asia. You must have a passport application form with you when you pay the fee to the bank. The fee for e-passport is as follows:

48-page e-passport valid for 5 years
Regular delivery within 21 days is Rs. 4,025
6,325 express delivery in 10 days
Super Express Delivery within 2 days Rs. 8,625

48-page e-passport valid for 10 years
Regular delivery within 21 days is Rs 5,650.
6,050 express delivery in 10 days.
10,350 Super Express delivery in 2 days.

64-page e-passport valid for 5 years
Regular delivery within 21 days is Rs. 6,325.
6,625 express delivery in 10 days.
Super Express delivery within 2 days is Rs 12,075.

64-page e-passport valid for 10 years
Regular delivery within 21 days is Rs. 6,050.
10,350 express delivery in 10 days
13,600 Super Express delivery in 2 days.

6 easy steps to get ePassport in Bangladesh

Step-4: Contact Passport Office for photo and fingerprint

Once the application form and fee have been paid, each applicant has to go to the nearest passport office according to the address in person to take a photograph, fingerprint and Irish eye picture. You must take the necessary documents with you when you go to the passport office. If you have applied online, print copy of application form, offline payment slip, National Identity Card / Birth Registration Certificate, old passport in case of re-issue, besides any such documents will be helpful to you.

The following matters are verified in case of enrollment in the Passport Office.

Verification of documents and personal information.
Taking photo of the applicant.
Fingerprint and Irish photography.
Whether the passport fee has been paid properly?

Save the delivered slip after enrollment. Delivery slip / receipt is mandatory at the time of receipt of passport.

Step-5: Collection of e-passport from Passport Office

The applicant has to collect the passport in person. At the time of passport collection, it will be checked whether the fingerprint of the enrollment matches with the fingerprint of the applicant. Passport should be accompanied by the following proofs.

Delivery Slip / Receipt: Slip payable after completion of enrollment.
⦁ Latest old passport (if any).

Passports can be issued to suitable carriers in special cases.

প Parents / legal guardians of children under 11 (eleven) years can collect passports subject to display of their national identity card, applied passport delivery slip / receipt and previous passport (if any).

ক্ষেত্রে In case of sick person, transfer of power of attorney, national identity card of the applicant, old passport (if any) and national identity card of the person in power, old passport (if any) will be issued subject to verification.

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