37,485 Payments of ActionAid Bangladesh

37,485 Payments of ActionAid Bangladesh

Recruitment notice for ActionAid Bangladesh’s 37,485 wages

ActionAid Bangladesh is waiting for the following location:

Research associate

Project: New delivery of education in Bangladesh using mobile technology
Posting: Patharghata, Upazila, Barguna
Agreement type: contractual agreement
Duration: 1 (one) years
Number of locations: 1 (one)
Salary and Benefit: Monthly gross salary will be 37,485 / – Other beneficiaries such as Festival Bonus, Provident Fund, Gravity, Medical Benefit, Group Life Insurance etc.
Project Summary

Since the mobile is mobilizing mobiles for the increasing use and accessibility of mobile technologies, mobile learning
Distribution of mobile learning learning materials that can be used to increase access to education involves the use of mobile technology. To provide the ability to access electronic learning materials from a local server, existing schools are allowed to access the school and learning center at remote locations. An example of this system is the Aptus system, which was designed by the Commonwealth of Learning (CL). This system allows students to connect to digital learning platforms and content without the need for grid electricity or internet access, which is ideal in areas where it has limited access to the Internet and unauthorized supply of electricity. The Aptus system is very portable and can be used in a remote village or a school as a virtual classroom. In addition, the cost of Aptus system is cost effective in the context of development which makes it a great choice for massive application.

The aim of this project is to set out the potential for modeling of the model for the improvement of the quality of education and objectives; Researching the effectiveness of mobile learning; (1) A mobile learning system (Aptus) and improved access to education and improvement in education and education in 3 class categories in Bangladesh, (2) For the study of the effectiveness of mobile education and to reach the educational preference of the three schools, the rural communities in Bangladesh

Research collaborations will help researchers in selected schools. S / he will assist developing lead researcher and AAB project coordinator in related materials related to research, docomeentation and research. Research Associates will maintain work relations with Shushilan (ActionAid Bangladesh’s local rights program partner). He/she will provide trouble for those students who will use laptops and tabs for teaching and learning. Research associates will maintain effective relationships with local education authorities such as school management committee, Upazila education office, union Parishad, and Upazila office. He will represent the project and ActionAid in the appropriate forum. U.E. Union Parishad Geo-NGO Coordination Meeting, District Coordination Meeting etc. In order to update the project and challenge the challenge, the person will report on AAB’s senior management through his / her line manager.

Key responsibilities (not limited to) include:

Research and design develop

Develop pre-questions, broad questions, interview questions and observations in collaboration with ROTA and COL (lead researcher).
Lead researchers and developing pre-post evaluation with ROTA help
Manage and collect pre-test, post-test, pre-question and post questionnaire data
Organize interviews with teachers and parents
Manage Focus Groups with teachers, and parents
Record all interviews and write them in English
Work as a support
Observe teachers during the implementation and fill out the appropriate classroom observation information equipment
Entering pre-test, post-test, pre-question, post questions, and interview data in data analysis software: Be responsible for all data collection, transcription and recording.
Review the translation information (Bangla to English) and read the correct translation if necessary
Works on data analysis with call and ROTA using appropriate statistics software
Reporting, docomeentation and material development

Take the lead in real-time reports from the project location and reach the country’s office
Reflect the experience of the project by completing the templates
The final report of the project helped
Keep case studies based on the challenges/successes and methods of progress in front of the project (delivery changes in the syllabus/student lift / teaching-learning

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