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Those who want to go to UAE on work visa or have been waiting for a long time. When will Dubai Visa open or when will the new UAE worker visa be introduced? Good news for them. After all the speculation and the long 8 year ban, the door of UAE visa was opened for Bangladeshi workers. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates on 16 April 2017 in Dubai.

Dubai Work Permit Visa 2020

According to the MoU, the UAE will take workers from Bangladesh in 19 categories on worker visas. The MoU was signed by Saif Ahmed Al Suaidi, Under Secretary, Ministry of Human Resources and Emirati Affairs on behalf of the UAE and Dr. Namita Haldar, Hon’ble Secretary, Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment on behalf of Bangladesh. The Minister in charge of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirati Affairs of the United Arab Emirates Nasser Al Hamli was present at the occasion. With the signing of the MoU on April 16, it became effective from that day.Dubai Work Permit Visa 2020

Dubai Visa Processing Details

Both countries have agreed to ensure the entry and employment of Bangladeshi ordinary workers in Dubai and the UAE will help protect the rights of Bangladeshi workers in accordance with their laws and regulations.

Dubai Work Permit Visa 2020

According to the Memorandum of Understanding, the details of the 19 categories of work visas to be recruited from Bangladesh, including the responsibilities and duties of the Government of Bangladesh and the UAE, recruitment agencies, workers’ rights, facilities, responsibilities and duties of employers or individuals, provisions of employment contracts. Memorandum of Understanding is mentioned. As a result, a memorandum of understanding was signed in the UAE in the light of the law, which aims to ensure safe, orderly and responsible labor migration in 2016. The signing of the MoU paved the way for Dubai on a work visa. There are no more barriers to getting a Dubai work visa or a work visa to the UAE.

However, it is important to know that the UAE will first recruit a small number of people at the individual level and in the future will hire a large number of staff in different organizations. In the first phase, the UAE government will hire a small number of male and female domestic workers, doctors and engineers. In addition, those who are currently in Dubai or any other city in the UAE on a work visa can apply for a work permit or ikama.

Dubai Work Permit Visa 2020

UAE labor market for Bangladeshis and Dubai Visa 2020
According to sources in the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and the Bangladesh Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, 1,30,204 people went to the UAE on work visas in 2008. 2,26,392 in 2008, 4,19,355 in 2008, 2,57,347 in 2009, 2,03,308 in 2010, 2,62,739 in 2011, In 2012, 2,15,452 Bangladeshis went to the UAE. But after the Dubai visa ban, only 32,000 workers went to the UAE on UAE work visas from 2013 to last year. However, if the new visa of the UAE was closed, the visa of women domestic workers and cleaning workers was open. As a result, a total of 63,534 women workers have gone to the UAE in the last six years. At present, about 1 lakh women workers are working in different parts of the UAE including Dubai.

Dubai Work Permit Visa 2020

The UAE will hire workers in 19 categories
1) Cook 2) Household Farmer 3) Gardener 4) Private Coach 5) Housekeeper 6) Household Horse Grower 6) Private PRO 6) Private Agriculture 9) Household Shepherd 10) Family Shepherd, 11) House Shepherd, 11) Sailor 13) Watchman and Security Guard 14) Domestic Labor 15) Parking Valet Workers 18) House Falcon Caretaker and Trainer 18) Babycaster 18) Private Nurse 19) Engineer

UAE Work Visa Certificate of Conduct – UAE Worker Visa
Foreign workers applying for a visa must comply with the new rules in order to obtain a work visa in the United Arab Emirates. For this, a certificate of good conduct has to be submitted while applying for a visa.

Every worker seeking a work visa in the UAE must submit a visa application with a certificate of character from his or her educational institution or previous field of work or from his or her home country. The document will detail whether the Dubai Visa / UAE visa applicant has behaved well over the past five years. For the sake of security, the government of the United Arab Emirates has introduced this rule from February 4, 2018. However, this character certificate is not required for medical, travel or mission visa.

Dubai Work Permit Visa 2020

Dubai Visa 2018 – Stay away from brokers
Domestic or similar visas are available for free or at low cost for a salary of 600 to 700 dirhams, but our brokers in Bangladesh are stealing millions of rupees for this visa. In order to raise this money, many people are selling their last resources. But these workers do not have any training or the right idea about the job. Brokers talk about other work and arrange to send millions of rupees on domestic worker visas. Then when it is seen that there are various problems in the work, then the people who have lost these resources have nothing to do. So knowing which visa you are going for through which agency, select the verification and then go abroad. And don’t forget to pay any agency for this 19 category visa. Workers will be taken to the UAE from Bangladesh only through the Destiny Center approved by the UAE government. And you will know in the next 3 months how much it will cost to go to UAE from Bangladesh in this 19 category visa and what is the detailed procedure.

UAE visa is the reason behind the visa ban for Bangladeshi workers in the United Arab Emirates
The UAE has suspended the issuance of new visas for all Bangladeshi passport holders since August 2012. The reason was that some Bangladeshis were caught repeatedly with fake passport visas. Besides, Bangladeshi workers were involved in porn CD business, theft, murder and even rape at that time. Besides, many people opened fake companies in the UAE and took away thousands of workers who became unemployed after 3/4 months and later got involved in various criminal activities and tarnished the image of Bangladesh.

Dubai Work Permit Visa 2020

At that time, the courts of the United Arab Emirates sentenced many Bangladeshis to life imprisonment and even death for all the heinous crimes. Therefore, it is the duty of all UAE visa applicants to ensure that Bangladeshis do not set foot on the path of old crime again if Dubai visa is introduced again. As soon as the name of Bangladesh is heard, the people of any other country respect it.


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