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Korea Work Visa

Last year, EPS HRD Korea announced the test dates for a total of 16,000 candidates who won the Korea Lottery 2019 and later registered. The examination was held from 011 to 12 March. The first 240 examinations were held on April 9 in the order of the receipt number as per the schedule of the announced examination. And a total of 6392 people were tested in stages till June 29.Those who have completed the final registration this year will be able to go to the EPS HRD Korea web site and see the announcement of the Korea Lottery 2019 language test date with the receipt number directly in the search box.In addition, the UAE will take staff in 19 categories. See details about this at this link.

Korea Lottery 2020 language test date

See also Korea Lottery 2019- Special CBT 2020 details.
Lottery results have been published on Boesel’s website. Click on this link to download the results >>

Schedule for 1st Round Exam (EPS Topic)
Schedule announced: 12th December 2019
▪ Preliminary Registration (Online): 22-26th December, 2020

Boesl website / /

Lottery draw and lottery winners announced: 5 January 2020

▪ EPS Topic Final Registration: January 2020

▪ Registration from the EPS topic waiting list: January 2020

Good news for the waiting list candidates
The date of registration of the candidates from the waiting list to the serial number was announced. See Boessel’s notice for more details. Click here to download the notice

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