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Primary and Mass Education Minister Mustafizur Rahman commented on the fact that the job of the teacher is not available at the government primary school in exchange for the money, only on merit basis it is available. He said this at a program organized at the Primary Education Department, Mirpur, on the occasion of celebrating ‘Meena Day-018’ on Monday.

The minister said, Primary teachers will not be able to get the primary school teachers by paying millions, only on the basis of merit, primary teachers are appointed. Those who earn money by taking money in different places, donate to different people, give a darbar, they will lose money and will not get a job. Some miscreants have the intention of embezzlement of people’s money by deceiving.

He said, it is possible to ensure quality education through the appointment of meritorious teachers. It is possible to ensure quality education. The government is moving forward with a specific target. It is not too late to ensure standard education. We’re walking around to do this. Want to send educated human resources abroad, not illiterate? The head may be high in foreign countries.

She said, the daughter of the character of Meena is a dream character of children. After ages, Meena is 10 years old, we will not let her grow up. Because, I believe Meena at this age. Meena is irresistible, she is the ideal of all the daughters.

Ministry of Primary and Mass Education Ministry Akram al-Hussein said, “Primary education has progressed a long way. The literacy rate has increased twice as much as before. Mothers are more aware than ever before. After the primary and mass education ministry started midday meal, mothers ate lunch with the baby at noon. This creates a sense of pride in them, children can also take the class to mind. I am new to this ministry. We will do the utmost to ensure quality education. ‘

The program was presided over by Director General of Primary Education Directorate, Abu Hannah Mostafa Kamal. The program was also addressed by the artists Jewel Aich, actor Siddiqur Rahman Khan, teachers and students of different educational institutions.

Later, students of various government primary schools participated in the pleasant cultural events on the character of Meena. Besides, students presenting the drama about the causes and remedies of road accidents.

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